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My fellow Steemians,

Welcome to my weekly witness update. This is something I do every Friday as some other witnesses do too. Hopefully, this will keep my followers and the community up-to-date with what I've been up to. Ultimately, I hope I may gain your witness approval vote.

The template used here was devised by @jesta. And as always for witness update posts, I will use the Power Up 100% option.

1. Accomplished the week of 2017-01-27

  • Started work on the next set of changes to the Steemit Welcome page. This includes adding the recently chosen banner image, which you can read about at Welcome to Steemit Page Banner - Winner Selected! Congratulations to winner @son-of-satire and runner-ups @rigaronib, @elewarne, and @oceansoul13 for all the beautiful submissions! I will also put up a table of contents of some sort. I will submit my code changes once they are finalized and ready.
  • Upgrades and general maintenance on various servers that host public services. My RPC steemd node on ws:// and wss:// now goes through nginx set up as a reverse proxy for websockets connections. In case steemd crashes or is resyncing or replaying, nginx will at least keep a page up and responding. This configuration will allow for load balancing with multiple steemd instances as well. I have also updated my test sandbox/clone site to the latest master.

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • Continue to spend time on the codebase.
  • Continue with @timcliff's wish list and trying to implement some of the items there.
  • Continue being active on Steemit, Steemit Chat, and GitHub.

3. Thoughts from this week

This week saw things like trolling, spamming, and flagging wars, like the creation of @asshole who had flagged a lot of users after buying some STEEM from Bittrex and powering them up. It all seems sadistic and attention-hungry and pointless and just goes to show you how one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

@the.masses, which was an experiment run by @timcliff, was also ultimately shutdown due to a great deal of spamming.

However, there continues to be many great things on Steemit despite some problems.

Finally, thanks to everyone who have voted for me as witness. I am currently at rank 35! Thanks to all who support me and like what I do. It is all very much appreciated!

4. Previous week's update, other links

Like my work?

Please vote for me as witness, every vote is important to me!

And Follow me! @bitcoiner

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I want to publicly state. I knew bitcoiner before he was a witness. He's one of the serious hardworkers "behind the scenes" that makes steemit possible. I don't doubt for a minute, he goes to sleep at night only after he verifies his witness node(s) are functional, and wakes up in the morning checking on them again. If there was awards to give out. I have only 2... they'd be timcliff and bitcoiner. Out of the blue he re-steemed one of my posts tonight, and this vote of confidence isn't from that. What it is coming from.. is that he's extremely intune day-to-day of the workings of steem from all faucets and all angles. A person to be admired. You're a diamond in the rough bitcoiner. Please keep up the utterly fantastic work. You're a gem.


P.S. If you have never voted before for a witness, do it for bitcoiner as your first is my recommendation. Go to scroll to the bottom of the page, type: bitcoiner and then push VOTE. You can vote more than 1 witness, but I really think this is one person worthy of it.


Thanks for the kind words, @intelliguy! It's true I do have a mission control of sorts, multiple terminal windows open at all times on a screen to keep my eye on operations. :)


I guessed that it was the case, and you just said it was the case. I was right! You are that good. :)

Thanks so much, @bitcoiner for choosing my banner as runner up! I'm honored. :)

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Many thanks @bitcoiner for the information, hard work for what you do for the platform and the comnidad, many thanks dear friend for your dedication and dedication