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Hello everyone! Some of you have known me for a while, and you all know how much I absolutely love Steemit. So, in the interests of getting more involved, I've decided to start a witness node!

When I came to Steemit I didn't know diddly squat about blockchains, crypto, or anything else. But I learned. Over the last year I've gleaned enough knowledge from the eminently knowledgeable people here on the platform about how the blockchain works and other ways I can get involved. Sadly, I've never been much of a programmer, but I know enough to get around. Well...I know enough to follow @someguy123's absolutely fantastic step-by-step guide.

About My Witness

Once again, huge thanks to @someguy123 for operating Privex Inc., which is where I acquired my VPS:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 200 GB HDD
  • 4 processing cores

A pretty basic setup, but I want to see how this works before I invest in a larger dedicated server. It's going to be sufficient to run the witness node for now. For my price feed, I'm running @someguy123's Steemfeed-JS. At the moment, I don't have a seed node, but if I can keep this witness node up and break even on use fees for the server, I'll invest additional funds and operate a seed node along side my witness.

About Me

So why should you vote for me as a witness? I've been on the platform since August of last year, primarily writing fiction. I also host and curate the Descriptions on the Spot fiction contest and help to curate @beordo's contests. Beyond my personal projects, I've become involved with the Fiction Workshop through the Minnow Support Project, as not only a writer, but also a proofreader and critique provider. Fiction Workshop is my major impetus for wanting to delve into running a witness node; I want to be able to set up additional support for all of the projects we have going through there (such as the Steemhouse Fiction Trail and Steemshelves).

Special thanks for encouragement, wisdom, and kind words (in no particular order):
@jedau, @rhondak, @kryptik, @aggroed, @swelker101, @mk40, @nexusfyre, @someguy123, @crimsonclad, everyone I've spoken to on PALnet and in the Fiction Workshop, and everyone else who's ever encouraged me to keep pursuing success on this platform.

I'm dedicated to the Steemit platform, and I want to provide additional stability to the network while also turning what I earn from operating my witness node (above my expenses) to use for the Minnow Support Project. Specifically, I want to continue to grow the Fiction Workshop and build on the foundation for the Steemhouse Fiction Trail. I want to discover new writing talent here and foster creativity, adding value to our community. Above all, I'm in it for the long haul, and I want Steemit to never stop improving.

Like what you read? Follow me, @anarcho-andrei, for more fiction and non-fiction! If you want to vote for me as a witness, cast your vote here !

Andrei Chira is an anarcho-capitalist, former 82nd Airborne paratrooper, vaper, and all-around cool guy. He's a father to one wonderful little girl named Kate, lives down in Alabama, and spends his time writing stories, posting to Steemit (not as much as he probably should), and cultivating the mental fortitude to make it through three years of law school.


I got your back my man. Voting now.

Your name isn't showing up for me? Is the witness account a different name?

Update: Everything is cool. I got your back.

I think you are loving steemit more than before. But please don't forget to support some cool minnows;

Look at you! You've come a long way! I'm proud of everything that you've accomplished. This past year had its ups and downs, but you powered through it like the champ I know you are. I'm happy about your evolution as a witness, and I'm glad that I'm able to witness your ongoing legacy. Keep on pushing, and don't miss blocks! :D

You're looking forward to witnessing my legacy as a witness? Clever puns and wordsmithing are, as always, your strength :D Thank you, for everything you've done for me and all the encouragement you've sent my way. You're a true friend. :)

This is awesome man, I'll be supporting you, good luck on this trip.

Thank you so much for your witness vote and your support, man! Hopefully I can keep myself afloat and get myself involved enough to where I can eventually start having an impact and funding developments and projects that help people. I had a lot of help coming up, and it's time to pay it forward :)

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Good specs, and you've been here a while but you don't have much invested into Steem value wise. I'd like to see more Steem in a witness's account but I'll still give you a vote! Goodluck :)

Vote cast. Keep it up.

Thank you! I appreciate the support!


Good Luck Man :)

Thank you kindly good sir!

You're Welcome

If there is anything I can do to help, let me know :)

Your vote and your support is all I need :D If you have any idea you want me to bump up - projects or what-have-you - I'll be happy to give them consideration and try to drum up support :D

Just read your post which was resteemed by @anneke. Congratulation for being on Steemit for one year, I must have been exiting to watch the platform grow. My daughter @onetree has also been on for a year, and thanks to her persuasive powers she got me to finally make my first post about two months ago. I have much to learn but it is going to be an exciting journey.

good luck mann. i'll follow u and have upvoted as well.
thanks for sharing

Good luck @anarcho-andrei, catching up from a weekend away from the net. Voted for you... Best of luck... Keep us posted on your journey.

Thank you very much, sir! I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I'll do my best to live up to it :D

Didn't know you were in the MSP, cool stuff.

You've been... witnessed!

Good luck. I'll vote for you. I think it will be more work and less/no profit than you are expecting however, so keep that in mind.

I fully expect I'm not gonna profit from this venture. Any Steem I generate above my operating costs is going to things other than my bank account lol

I recently read another witness report and it made it sound like you will not generate enough Steem to cover the operating costs. Just wanted to forewarn of that possibility.

It became sort of a donation to gain knowledge for that witness.