ADSactly Witness Report 2018/03/20

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Witness Update Report #3

Since our server upgrade last week there have been no issues what so ever, she's been purring like a sleeping kitten. The new upgraded 64GB RAM will push us through until we get our hands on our planned full RPC node. The new server is also so much faster, and we're pleased to report no missed blocks since our last report. We have also decided to make a conscious effort to post a bit more, with the theme of educating new users to better understand the Steemit platform and environment, in the most basic way possible. The better minnows are equipment with understanding, the better they will be equipped to help new future members, as they say knowledge is power.

Please take a moment to read our Witness Proposal, and if you support the same fundamentals and vision we do for the future of the Steemit community, please consider voting for us as witness here.

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What Is A Witness

We all have a bank account where we can make transactions from one account to another, use our credit card and ask for a loan. However, do you know the technical details of how your bank account is working? Probably not, but everything is working smoothly, and as you expect it to.

Steemit is similar; you can transfer SBD from an account to another one, you can vote for your favorite posts, you can edit the details of your last article, everything works like a charm, and you probably do not know all the technicals details behind that.

This post is a basic attempt to simplify the way you understand the function of a Witness and why they are so important.

Imagine that you are part of a group that wants to create a Super-computer. All the participants of this group, including you, are requested to vote for your favorite company to develop and maintain this super-computer. The technical details on how they are going to deliver this supercomputer do not matter, what is essential is that you are trusting them to build it the way you want it. Depending on your perception of what a supercomputer is and your own beliefs, you could vote for a different company from your colleagues.

For example, if you want a super-computer running OSx, you are presumably going to trust and vote for Apple to manufacture it. If you are more of a gamer, you are going to vote for Alienware. You could also even vote for your local computer maker because you believe that he knows how to make outstanding computers and you trust him. You should choose wisely who you want to vote for, because at some point, the top 20 voted companies are going to be able to accept or decline proposals made in consensus with the R&D team of your group, at least 67% of the companies have to approve a proposal.

That could be very beneficial for the whole group if at least 67% of these companies accept decisions that improve everyone's quotidian. However, that could be dangerous if some of the companies want to take advantages of the super-computer and only accept proposals that are beneficial only for them or for some members.

You can see these companies as the Steem Witnesses, and the Supercomputer as Steem. They are here to maintain this Supercomputer (Steem) and to improve it (Hard Forks). The top 20 Witnesses are also in charge of deciding the direction of which to take for Steem updates. If 67% of the top 20 choose to update their server to a different Steem version called Hard Fork, the whole Network is affected, including you.

Voting for Witnesses is essential. It is like giving them your trust. They are the guardians of the ecosystem by recording all transactions into blocks which are generated by the witnesses and providing constant price feeds. The blocks handle all the transactions such as votes, editing a comment, redeeming SBD, transfering Steem into SP, creating a new post, etc.

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We are ecstatic to have gained over 1,3k new followers on our @adsactly blog in just the last week, and we would like to thank all those who have also decided to join our discord server. We would like to give a big shout out to all our Adsactly members who have been supporting our "Post of the Day" initiative, a project that selects a deserving post daily to be shared amongst our community for better exposure. It's a great way to get to know our community members, and give back a little.

We welcome you to join the society, meet people, talk to people, make friends and establish fair relations with other ADSactly members. You will receive ADSactly community units just for showing up and taking part in our voice hangouts, for helping out with promotions, for helping new members feel welcomed, showing them around and helping them get familiar with the society, for finding new projects that might catch interest of other members. Sometimes even for being generally a good person willing to help others.

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Server Information

CPU - XEON E5-2620 (4 cores @ 2.0Ghz)
RAM - 64GB
HDD - 500GB RAID6 (mirror/stripe)
Network - 10Gb/s dedicated 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
Location - Houston, TX, USA
Hosted by @crowetic

Click the link below to join our Discord society

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We would greatly appreciate your witness vote

To vote for @adsactly-witness click the image below, scroll to the bottom and type "adsactly-witness" in the box


Thank You

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It has been and continues to be an educative experience reading up on each of the posts on the @adsactly page. That's why it's a no brainer to vote for adsactly as witness.


Thanks! We are trying to add informations about witness to educate new Steemians :)


We appreciate your support!



This is my 3rd weekend in the steemit community, and the information I read on this post was really useful in order get a better understanding about steemit. I can admit that I wasn't realized until today the importance of the witness.
Thanks for sharing this important and useful information @adsactly-witness!!!


Thanks for being a part of ADSactly!


Only a pleasure, knowledge is power and we believe that educating new comers will ensure the success of this platform and ecosystem.

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nice post

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well now I have a fair knowledge of what a WITNESS on Steemit is. Thank you for this post because i have been wondering why i was voting for a witness when i am not juror no in a court case.


ahahahah. Did you have some problem with the justice??


No sir dude 🙊


Thanks for commenting, glad we could share this valuable info with you.


Nice comment


More to come soon.

Thanks information goodbpost mr.