WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next two days @ 20 May 2021 - $370 to be won

in #winwithsteem3 years ago

It's a wild time in the markets, but on Steem the contests keep rolling.

Here are another 31 contests for Thursday and Friday, with over 500 STEEM to be won.

At the current price of STEEM, that's $370 for the lucky winners.

Keep on contesting, keep on winning with Steem...



There are plenty of great contests with plenty of great prizes.

So get entering now and #winwithsteem !

If you are running a contest that you would like to be included in these daily posts, add the link and details in a comment below. Make sure you clearly state the closing date.

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


I always look forward to your update for the contests. You are doing great. Thanks.

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