Rossignol Winery: Animals and Stone Carvings

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Many wineries are popping up all over Prince Edward Island.

If one comes to visit my end of the Island, a great little winery to visit is the Rossignol Estate Winery, Shore Road, Murray River with scenic view overlooking the waters of the Northumberland Strait.

Welcome signs


Straight from the ocean- a pretty mermaid to welcome you!


Interesting grounds to see before entering the winery.

Another maiden on the grounds. She is carved from red Island sandstone.


Along the driveway are boulders of red sandstone full of carvings.


Images of people involved in wine festivities.


Lush leaves and healthy grapes in the vineyard.



Horse in the pasture at the Winery. I’m not sure of the breed of this horse but he has ears like a donkey.


There also was a goat standing in an open building at the far end of the grounds.


Along with the horse and goat, the cat has a home inside the winery. I’m sure he does a good job of keeping mice away ~ and supervising everything that goes on there.

The resident cat is sitting on boxes inside the winery.


Inside the winery there are samples of many wines to try. Also on the walls are pictures the owner’s wife has painted.

After trying a few samples, I settled for this red wine mainly because of the fish shaped bottle.


Barrels of aging wine.


I always enjoy visiting Rossignol winery to check out the variety of wines, animals and the carved red stone boulders.

Shasta’s BoulderSunday Challenge Here

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Beautiful place. Thanks for sharing @redheadpei

Welcome Rob. Thanks for your kindness. 😊

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Hi @redheadpei,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

This is a fabulous blog @redheadpei Those carvings are quite incredible and look wonderful with those healthy grape vines draped around them. Love the furry wino sitting on the guarding the stock (lol) I'm sure I'd love to have a wander around this picturesque vineyard and take home a sample or two at the end of my visit. Have one for me Jo! (U & R )

Thanks so much Trudee @trudeehunter. It’s one of my ‘go to’ places to visit when company comes to check out the Island. 🥂 💕

That is easy to understand Jo.

I am not a wine connoisseur at all... I know I like sweet wine... but the bottle is what interests me more, my mother in law had a bottle just like that next to her stove filled with olive oil. I've always wondered where it came from. How crazy is it that I see it in your post!! That's awesome!!

That’s quite the coincidence, Bea. I haven’t opened the bottle and would like to keep it because of the shape. A few years ago I got a Wild Rose liquour from the winery in a bottle shaped like a fiddle- still half full. 😊

Oh thats nice!! I wish I had a fancy bottle to show off lol... next time I go to my son's house (he has the fish bottle) I might just have to steal it from him! Haha

I bet you grow good grapes in PEI. Which is your end of the island?

There are lots of vineyards here. I am on the eastern end about 1/2 hr. From the Wood Islands Terminal where you can take the ferry to Nova Scotia.

Woohoo now those are some fun
looking boulders ❤ @redheadpei!
The red with the green is very
What a wonderful place to go
to, love the fish shaped bottle!
Lots of cool critters, maybe the
one is a mule? Must be mild there
for vineyards?

Thank you so much for entering
these in #bouldersunday 💎

Thanks Shasta and thanks for your great contest. That horse/mule was some kind of a cross-breed. We do have a good summer for planting and growing in the rich red soil on the island. 😊

Terrific post and photos Jo!! I just love that cute horse and cat and most definitely the wine!! ;)

Thanks Dee! It’s a fun winery to visit. Glad you are okay and getting around. ❤️

You're welcome!! xoxo

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Thanks Pix! Appreciated. Will check it out.

Howdy there redheadpei! How interesting, I love vineyards but I thought they growing season would be too short in Canada or I thought it would too cold or something so I never connected them to Canada, dummy me! lol. Very interesting and fun post!

Thanks! Nice of you to drop by cowboy @janton. We have about 6 mos. of a great growing season. Summer can get pretty hot but probably nothing like your summer.

howdy again redheadpei! well, I really show my ignorance sometimes, 6 months is plenty good for a growing season obviously! You should start a vineyard, only have to work half the year! lol.

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