What I learnt Today : $31 million hacked from Russian Central Bank

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What I learnt Today : $31 million hacked from Russian Central Bank

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A few months ago a group of hackers stolen nearly 100 million USD from central bank of Bangladesh. And now same incident has been happened in Russia. After suffering a massive series DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack for several weeks Russian Central Bank has now lost over 31 million USD. According to the security executive of the central bank Artiom Sychev the hacker group was trying to steal 5 billion rubles (78 million USD). But, due to the intervention of the central bank’s authorities, they only managed to steal 2 billion rubles (31 million USD).

Symantec Security’s researchers have analyzed this hacking incident and said that a notorious hacking group called as Lazarus which is operated from North Korea may be involved in this hacking. According to the investigation reports from FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia), the hackers used a collection of computer servers located in the Netherlands to operate this hacking attack on Russian Central Bank.

News Source : Hackread

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but, it's not nice for Russians :(

use crypto! not banks

yes, and use Bitcoin , the most safest crypto



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Excellent informacoion my friend @royalmacro many thanks

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