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Is anyone else "friends" with scorpions?

The Striped Bark Scorpion (Centruroides vittatus) is the most commonly encountered scorpion in the United States. In fact, it is the only species that @papa-pepper has ever encountered in the wild. It can be found throughout the southern United States and Northern Mexico.

This is one of two scorpions that we recently caught. I was hoping to locate some soon, and as it turns out, the @little-peppers knew of a place where they can be frequently be found. (Aren't kids great?) Did you know that scorpions are arachnids, like spiders are, and they are not insects? Whether you realized that or not, there is more info in the video. Enjoy it!

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



If you enjoyed this video, please consider thanking @thelivingpoet for encouraging me to make it!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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We actually have them running all around by me...It is pretty neat seeing them with their babies on their back. They are the reason why I alway double check my boots before putting them on.

Well this was insanely cool,
but take care I still want to see you making a lot of videos in here lol !

Dont worry because in my country their a place where they ate a lot of insects. :) They fry it

I have not tried that yet.

Me too, only frog :)

Perhaps next steem-pocalypse we can eat one.

Todo bicho que camina va a parar al asador..

I will try to be safe, no promises!

I was freaked out when you touched the sting on the tail and then let it go on the video
I thought it'll probably bite you
but then we also have that thought about bees

once again you freak me out and amaze me with this video
first the snakes and now this
what's next? :D

The most dangerous is dating a scorpio.

No I'm not friends with scorpion, I don't like them

Papa-Pepper is fearless. Can you imagine if that scorpion had dropped onto his tongue or even further back. He must love that little critter.

Oh no! Don't imagine that!

Okay, I wont. Your little friend is awesome!

Really great video sequence!

They'll sting you for saying that.

That makes sense, it seems many people don't. Glad that you still checked it out.

I shit you not from the image for the video I thought you ate it lol

Love your videos and knowledge on all of these things keep them coming!

Lol, they make your mouth taste like stinging.

Tried a similar one in Kao San Road in Bangkok.

I wouldn´t mess with a live one tho, hahaha looks scary to me. Gutsy!!

Thanks for the read @papa-pepper !!

meh. pretty crunchy :D

I prefer their fruit smoothies though and leave the bugs for Timon and Pumbaa

Looks like the type of scorpions they deep fry and sell to tourists in China.

In wangfujing if you're in Beijing.

Hmmm, that sounds kind of delicious. Have you tried them?

I have tasted frog before and it taste like chicken. Just make sure to properly wash it.

Frog does taste like chicken! But I think it's annoying to eat because of all the small bones. If it tastes like chicken...I'll just eat chicken ;)

Then just eat the bones too :)

I have tried them. Every time friends come to China I take them there and buy them a stick, but most chicken out so I end up eating all of it. Not bad, but a little boring. They kinda taste like burnt McDonald's fries

I cannot believe you put it in your mouth!!!!
You are crazy man!!!! haha

Made me feel like:

Awwww, poor little guy.... (you, not the scorpion, lol!)

hahahaha it was really fun

I used to be friends with a scorpion but he was a bit of a prick...

For a second i thought you where going to eat it! lol

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