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RE: Wikileaks & Assange - Hero or Dis-Info Agent? (Part 1)

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Boom - it seems that we both have a pretty good idea of what is going on - we may just be applying different labels?

I know all about points 1 & 3 but I didn't know about point 2.

Join us in Truth Room

Thank you adding value and for the encouragement - it is very much appreciated!

Following you.


I do tend to think Assange, Snowden & Manning are controlled opposition as well at the people and countries you named in your previous article called controlled opposition.

Secret societies control a lot more than most people realize and those secret societies power seem to be a lot more consolidated than most people tend to think.

No matter what people know or ignore about conspiracies, the state of this world is such that no conspiracy is needed for any rational mind to want to stand up against the current status quo.

So let's stand up and unite!

This was a very thorough piece my friend.

Steem on!

You are absolutely right. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

So let's stand up and unite!

Absolutely - we simply have to!

Thanks my friend :)

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