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RE: Wikileaks & Assange - Hero or Dis-Info Agent? (Part 1)

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Great research @steemtruth! I used to believe he was "Dis-Info" or at the very least "controlled opposition" but I tend to believe now that he is just a information gatekeeper.

A few things to note about the man

  1. He supports the 9/11 (absurd) official story
  2. He has praised Netanyahu
  3. Never released any damaging info on Israel (that wasn't already published)

Look forward to learn more on the man through your posts! CHEERS


Boom - it seems that we both have a pretty good idea of what is going on - we may just be applying different labels?

I know all about points 1 & 3 but I didn't know about point 2.

Join us in Truth Room

Thank you adding value and for the encouragement - it is very much appreciated!

Following you.

I do tend to think Assange, Snowden & Manning are controlled opposition as well at the people and countries you named in your previous article called controlled opposition.

Secret societies control a lot more than most people realize and those secret societies power seem to be a lot more consolidated than most people tend to think.

No matter what people know or ignore about conspiracies, the state of this world is such that no conspiracy is needed for any rational mind to want to stand up against the current status quo.

So let's stand up and unite!

This was a very thorough piece my friend.

Steem on!

You are absolutely right. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

So let's stand up and unite!

Absolutely - we simply have to!

Thanks my friend :)

Hello my friend @lecrazycanuckeh,
I believe that Assange/Wikileaks may have good reason to publicly support the official 911 story but my question for you is can you direct me to the statement you're referring to regarding Assange praising Netanyahu?

Also, i think point 3 is interesting as i also do not recall Israel being named in any serious leaks...

doing a quick search i only found a couple dealing with Israel and organized crime.

This does strike me as odd...

Hey @v4vapid,
Here is a link of Assange praising Netanyahu because Bibi supports WikiLeaks and said more "Leaders should". Keep in mind Bibi is on record (video) as a BIG ADVOCATE for censoring the internet!

Here's a link brother -

Netanyahu is a war-wonger, criminal and despicable human being.

This statement is not very convincing in terms of praise for Netanyahu.

"We can see the Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu coming out with a very interesting statement that leaders should speak in public like they do in private whenever they can,"

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. To say that Netanyahu came out with a "very interesting statement" about the 2 faced nature of world just that, it's interesting/surprising coming from Bibi.

"He believes that the result of this publication, which makes the sentiments of many privately held beliefs public, are promising a pretty good [indecipherable] will lead to some kind of increase in the peace process in the Middle East and particularly in relation to Iran," Assange said.

So Assange sees Bibi as trying to put some spin on a document release and saying that the leak is positive, politicians should be more forthcoming. I can only speak for myself at the moment and say that Assange is being hopeful about peace talks involving Iran and the Middle East. I really don't see this as evidence of Assange "praising" Netanyahu at all.

If anyone wants to jump in with another take on this please do.

Assange is quoted as saying more leaders should be like Netanyahu @v4vapid.

We can disagree on if that's "praises" or not and that's okay but I surely feel it is :)

Yes, it is odd. Just like the Panama papers.

Yes, good points @lecrazycanuckeh! Also, I believe they could have given a lot more than we got from the Podesta emails!!! The missing emails...really...missing? Or left out because they would actually put some of those sick creeps behind bars?

By the way @lecrazycanuckeh I joined steemit mostly to continue where I left off on previous social media, I am here to learn and build a network of friends who are on a similar path to my own and are looking to learn and share what they learn. The things you listed tell me you have figured out quite a good deal of things so I'll keep up and follow you :). Same goes for anyone else!

I've been thinking and I agree with you - he is an information gatekeeper. I more or less said that when I wrote that Wikileaks main role is to control the alternative news narrative. WL does not spread much dis-info but rather a lot of truth. I shouldn't have named the article as I did. I might stick with the title for the rest of the series now but I'll clarify this point in my next post. Thanks

I had always remained on the fence about Assange because I didn't know enough about him and didn't have the time to go as deep so I don't take for granted info coming out from him. I HAD NO IDEA! He supports the official version and praised Netanyahu? Now that I have time would you mind providing links ? Thanks

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