Annoucing the new participant @the-ego-is-you and received donation from @gutzofter

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Hi steemians! We are happy to announce the project's new participant: @the-ego-is-you. After commenting with a question in the last post, he updated the article How to obtain the Steem client originaly created by @someguy123, with the info discussed with him.

Just following his first contribution in wiki, @the-ego-is-you also edited the articles Tips for formatting your post and Steem Wallets. Now, with previous participant @wagnertamanaha, that keeps updating the wiki page In the News, he join us as the first february's participant that would received the next share of steem collected here this month.

Received donation!

We are glad to receive one more donation, this time from @gutzofter, he gave back the share of steem he was entitled to as one of our first month's participants and added more. Thank you very much!

Project's Balance

Right now, after the first distribution made last week, we have 1.700 steem in our wallet. As proposed in our Rules, all steem collected in february will be shared again with this month's participants. If you're interested, take a look in our project's introduction and join us to transform in the wiki about all Steem related things.

Join the project!

If you liked the project and want to collaborate in the wiki and earn part of the steems collected here, please follow us @steemcenterwiki, register in and show your Steemit username in you profile page. Then start collaborating, if you want, you can use the MediaWiki tutorial as reference to create and edit pages in wiki, wich runs in MediaWiki, the same engine of Wikipedia.

If you want to see more wiki pages created or just support the project, please make a donation tranfering steem to @steemcenterwiki.

To continue supporting the project please follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

Thanks and good luck for us all again!

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