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Hi steemians, happy new year! It would be a good time to start 2017 announcing this new project. As proposed by @wagnertamanaha in the post Active wiki users rewarded with steem where the initial idea was aproved by the wiki creator @someguy123, here is @steemcenterwiki, a project to reward the wiki active users.

The idea is to generate and collect steem to monthly distribute to the registered wiki active user in each period.

We want to transfer the amount of steem divided to the all active wiki user in the month plus an aditional by the number of actions each one proportionally did. See the rules of this distributions here:

If you want to collaborate in the wiki and earn part of the steems collected here, please follow us, register in and show your Steemit username in you profile page. Then start to create and edit pages, if you want, you can use the MediaWiki tutorial as reference to create and edit pages in wiki, wich runs in MediaWiki, the same engine of Wikipedia.

If you want to see more wiki pages created and support the project, please make a donation tranfering steem to @steemcenterwiki.

If you like and want to participate in the project please follow us, upvote, reply and resteem.

Thank you very much, happy 2017 and good luck to us all again!

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Images (top, bottom) hosted at, earn bitcoin to use internet.


Hi, I would like to translate the articles for portuguese, my native language, how do I do that? Obs: The button of resteem it's not visible in this post.

Olá Paulo, valeu pelo interesse em colaborar com o wiki. O botão de resteem só fica ativo durante 1 semana após a publicação, como o post é antigo a função não é mais disponível. Para criar uma página nova é só escrever o título da página entre dois colchetes (a palavra ou frase fica em vermelho) e depois clicar. Vc pode criar as novas páginas a partir da página de testes Sandbox, de sua página de usuário, ou da página índice Português (onde já existem sugestões de páginas para serem criadas). Se precisar, tem dicas em português para formatação em:
Precisando de qq ajuda é só chamar no canal wiki no Steemit Chat ou por aqui no reply. Valeu! Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!!

também tenho interesse, obrigada pelas orientações!

Opa, irei dar uma olhada, grato @wagnertamanaha!!!

Terima kasih banyak atas kerjasamanya! Sebagai platform terbuka dan descentralized lain, wiki belum menentukan arahnya. Kami pikir ini ide bagus jika Anda bisa menulis tentang hal-hal yang telah Anda publikasikan di blog Anda sebelumnya, mengadaptasi atau mendaur ulang konten ke wiki setelah Anda menerima pembayaran di Steemit. Memperbarui halaman wiki dengan kesalahan ketik, koreksi tata bahasa dan meningkatkan keterbacaan saat Anda mulai melakukan adalah cara mudah, mudah dan berguna lainnya untuk berkolaborasi. Selamat datang, dan terimakasih saya ucapkan

Thank you very much for comment! If you want to participate in our monthly distributions and earn a share of the amount of STEEM collected by this account, register in with your Steemit username, then just start collaborating in the wiki! Thanks and good luck again!

I'm very interested in @steemcenterwiki project and was wondering how I can most effectively contribute. I've started to edit pages and have noticed that there's a lot of editing needed.

As an accomplished writer, I'd love to help, but I first wanted to get your thoughts on how I can best serve the project.

Much ❤️

Thank you very much for your collaboration! As another open and descentralized platform, the wiki has no defined direction yet. We think it's a good idea if you could write about things you had published in your blog before, adapting or recycling content to the wiki after you already received payouts in Steemit. Updating wiki pages with typos, grammar corrections and improving readability as you started doing is another easy, quick and useful way to collaborate. Welcome, thanks and good luck again!

@steemcenterwiki I will be able to help with most of what you suggested. Am I correct that all Steem donated to the project will then be distributed among contributors? I'm just curious about that process as it will help me to understand what percentage of my time I allocate.

Thanks again!

Yes, we distributed monthly all STEEM donated to the project among contributors, plus the posts and curation payouts received. The amount vary depending on these donations and payouts. Recently we are receiving the payouts only in Steempower and SBD, if this situation continues we would convert half of the SBD collected to STEEM to increase the reward pool. Until now we already did distributions from the sum collected in June, May, April, March, February and January. Thanks and good luck again!

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