Our Innate Serenity

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Our Innate Serenity


In between the hectic activities, concerns, and fantasies of the volatile mind, there is a wonderful peace that blossoms when we don't try and fight it. It feels a little uncomfortable when our norm is being anxious and "keyed-up" on worry, anger, and other stimulating energetic stances. However, if we practice melting into that stillness and peace, it is incredibly wonderful. We will realize that everything we've ever wanted or needed is really a part of us, it has been all along, and always will be.

This innate serenity is incredibly powerful, in fact it can be downright terrifying. It is a cosmic downpour that soothes our inner essence and radically transforms us. It has the potential to heal ancient traumas and give us hope that change really is possible. When we feel this overwhelming Love we know we truly matter and so does everything else, because we experience the interpenetration of all supposed entities. This is the mystical union with the Divine. This is the practice of devotional nonduality and the shattering of the illusion of separation, the synthesis of all concepts, the re-turning to the Foundation of Being.

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Have you experienced deep feelings of serenity spontaneously in the midst of chaos? During deep sleep, dreams or upon awakening? During meditation? Please share your experience. May we allow more of this healing energy into our lives each day!


To reach that stillness and the melting of barriers and feel a sense of wholeness needs the ability to quiet the mind so we can go deep within ourselves. For me I feel my life journey is to head toward it with determination and practice. It will take many steps, much repeated attempts but I will reach that moment when it happens. I am positive I will reach it! Have a great day d-pend!

Yes, exactly! Wonderful attitude and you perfectly expressed the path of "devotional nonduality." We will all reach there, beyond the illusion of linear time :)

You see I am using my brain to write articles so I am actually getting a little smarter!!! Yeah me!!!

Just what I needed to see today. :)

I have felt this in the midst of meditation, it's a beautiful, comforting, and wonderful feeling.

I'm so glad that this struck a chord!

I felt a strong nudge to type up this quick reflection and share it... I'm so thankful :) It really does come when we need it the most. Thanks for coming through @missaudi :)

Beautiful and enormous!

Thank you @bindu :)

I guess you like colors my friend :-).. like I do!
Did you do the painting aswell?

Haha. They are two "free domain" images that I blended together :)

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Wow did you make that picture ?

@bitcoinman Well I combined the heart with the psychedelic background, but both were free domain images. I thought they worked nicely together :D

Indeed turned out awesome , Keep up the great work !

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I have watched so many of your post and I must say you are in a space that is full of bliss and serenity and I love it. All your post take your readers to so many different worlds. To so many different realms of thought. And in the midst of it all you teach us in a way that causes us to ponder, to grow. Your mindset takes up so much space on Steemit that is just so good. I mean from poetry to esoteric, to love, healing wholeness, philosophy and your brief stay in satire that I in no way did I understand (dry-humor-taught-by d-pend) or did I. You give so much which is why out of the multitude of people that I I know on this reality of a planet called earth you are my number 1 hero.

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