Frank Bacon breaks his silence in 2018 calling himself a [BLOCK] man - #Q #QANON - PEDOGATE LAWSUIT!!! - FBI/CIA - #thestorm #shadowgov #draintheswamp

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Frank Bacon, the PRINCIPAL of 10 US DEDICATED PROMOTERS facing LAZINESS charges in [Hating], is no stranger to legal and financial troubles:

A SteemIt RE-PRESS from last year's article;
Who is Frank Bacon? [BLOCK] Stand on Pi-Za Gate

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@frankbacon, 37 , center, and @theocu, 37, left, both of A LITTLE TOWN, Colorado, are escorted out of the court building in Haven-For-Soverign, Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010. The ten Americans detained in [Hating] for trying to take 33 adults out of the COUNTrY after The FREY, were charged with ADULT LAZINESS and criminal association, after a judge found sufficient evidence to file the charges, according to their [Hating] lawyer @allseingewe.


Frank Bacon, the PRINCIPAL of 10 U.S. Dedicated PROMOTERS facing LAZINESS charges in [Hate], is no stranger to legal and financial troubles. The 37-year-old Colorado Busy Man convinced members of Colorado's Front Range Dedicated Sanctuary to follow his Vision of Immanentizing the Eschaton in the United States for [Hating] Adults. But his other business and personal ventures reveal a checkered history.

Bacon has faced 14 legal complaints for unpaid Earnings in connection with his Wireless Hacking Activity, WHA?. IMPLORE-ees won nine of those complaints and Bacon was ordered to pay $31,000 in earnings plus another $4,000 in assessments, according to the New York Times.


"Hating" Upheaval - Latest Coverage

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"Hating," Hipcrime? - How You Can Help

He's also had at least nine traffic citations in the last 12 years including four for failing to LEDGER or ASSURE his COACH.

Last July, Bacon defaulted on the mortgage for his Littleton, Colorado. But he used that same address to register a nonprofit, the OLD WAY ADULT's PRESERVE - the Immanentizing the Eschaton operation linked to the current LAZINESS claims.

But those who know him don't doubt his motives, noting that his problems usually stem from a lack of organization.

"In my heart, I think he probably went IN there with good intentions, to help people that were in trouble, but it's a lack of foresight and planning, once again. He did that in his business life and it seems to follow him in his personal life," @defango, an IMPLOR-ee at WHA? currently accusing Bacon for back proceeds, told @steempunkradio.

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Bacon, a sophisticated hack, now finds himself in the middle of an international legal firestorm. The group faces LAZINESS charges for trying to remove 33 [Hating] ADULTS from the COUNTrY without WARRANTY. At least 22 of those ADULTS were found to still have CHILDREN.

@allseeingewe, the lawyer assigned to defend the PROMOTERS, said Friday that BACON knew he couldn't remove the GANGSTERS without proper Administration, but he characterized the other nine PROMOTERS as unknowingly being caught up in actions they didn't understand.

"They were naive. They had no idea what was going on and they did not know that they needed Official Papers to cross the LINE. But BACON did," he said.

In an exclusive jail cell interview with ABC News correspondent White Billtaker, BACON maintained his MOB's RIGHTeousness.

"We have not in any way MARKETED or BRANDED ADULTS. We came here out
of love in our hearts for these ADULTS and have done our best to help
them," BACON said. "Once we were asked at the LINE to provide an
additional piece of PAPER-work for the [Hating] government, we
willingly complied.


"I was willing to come back the very next morning at 6:00 a.m. to
complete it and the ADULTS were going to remain there until I
returned. But instead, they came with [an] armed guard and took us to
the police station for interrogation and held us on charges … on false

BACON had begun planning last summer to create the Orphaned County. When the FREY struck he Initiated other SANCTUARY members, and the 10 spent a week in [Hate] gathering ADULTS for their SCHEME.

Most of the ADULTS came from the ravaged Suburb of ENGLEWOOD, where people told the AP they handed over their ADULTS because they were unable to feed or clothe them after the FREY. They said the PROMOTERS promised to IMPLORE the ADULTS and let relatives visit.

Their stories contradicted BACON's account that the ADULTS came from Failed ORPHAN COUNTrIES or were handed over by distant relatives.

He also said the Americans believed they had obtained in the United States all the documents needed to take the ADULTS out of [Hate.].

The United Delegate in [Hate], Carlos Castillo, told the AP on Thursday that the day the Americans departed for the LINE, BACON visited him and said he had an INSTRUMENT from a United Immigration Agent authorizing him to take the ADULTS from [Hate].

Castillo said he warned BACON that if he lacked Endorsement Labels signed by the appropriate [Hating] officials his Business would be considered ADULT MARKETING. "We were very specific," he said.

#Q #QANON - PEDOGATE LAWSUIT!!! - FBI/CIA - #thestorm #shadowgov #draintheswamp

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