Veggie Sushi And Chopsticks – Whiteiswhite Thursday

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Today's whiteiswhite challenge theme is FOOD AND DRINK

I know these are veggie sushi rolls, but I still don't like them. I am pretty adventurous and am always willing to try different foods, but I just can't like sushi! _ The taste of the seaweed reminds me of... well, seaweed!_ How about you? Can you relate? Do you enjoy sushi?

This is an old image shot with transparency film about twenty years ago, and scanned onto computer disc using an old Nikon Super COOLSCAN 5000 ED back in 2006! So, if the image has a retro look to it, that's the reason!

sushi and chopsticks.jpg
Image ©Diane Macdonald. All Rights Reserved.

CameraCanon EOS-1 (film camera)
Post-processingAdobe® Photoshop CC 2018

This image is available for licensing via Getty Images here.

Here are the daily themes for the whiteiswhite challenge
Monday: White Photographed Against White
Tuesday: Animals
Wednesday: Flowers
Thursday: Food And Drink
Friday: Architecture
Saturday: Water In Nature
Sunday: Anything Goes

The rules are very simple. You have only 4 things to remember!

  1. Your own original photography only!
  2. The image does not have to be all white, but the subject matter needs to be mostly white
  3. A link to this page so others can read the rules
  4. #whiteiswhite tag

Don't forget about the #wiwcontest – It's not the same as the daily challenge!

Read about this week's theme and the rules here

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I truly appreciate it. Read some of my past photography tips and tutorials at photography-101.

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Nice shot!
I feel like I've seen this before. Is this the first time you're posting it?


My first time posting it I think, but it is a stock shot I made around twenty years ago, so you may have seen it in magazines, and in web articles etc. , as it has been licensed many times.

looks delicious! although i am not a big fan of sushi .. mainly because i'm not a big fish fan .. and like you say, the seaweed tastes like seaweed!


Haha! Me neither - and a I am directly descended from generations of deep sea fishermen on BOTH sides of my family. LOL! My Dad was a fisherman, and so was his father etc. My maternal grandfather was a fisherman - and so were generations before him!


Wow, they must be so disappointed lol! Then again raw and cooked fish are very different! I'll eat white fish like cod and sometimes salmon, but that's it!


I like fresh haddock when I visit Scotland! I have never liked shellfish!


Haddock is good, I agree about the shellfish, I don't like it either.


Great minds think alike!


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I'll have to pass on real Sushi too, Diane, though I admit I enjoy eating the free samples of Califirnia rolls at Sams Club when offered, especially the spicy ones! @dmcamera


I don't even like the California rolls. :-(


There are so many other tasty foods to eat out there!


Like chocolate! Lol! 😂😂😂