*Where Is My Mind ?* - Gold & Silver Edition**Stencil/Graffiti/StreetArtwork on Canvas**

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Greetings all #Steemians & Friends,


- "Where is my Mind ?"

...... that´s a good question from time to times !

Sometimes it just spaces around , nowhere to be found .. .. .. ,
on other days i enlights me with all the beauty of the outside world.
It´s a spraypainted stencil on a 40*40 canvas,
made with #MontanaBlack & #MTN94 colors.

It even has a lifesize big brother on a viennese wall
and sisters, as an older blogpost of mine


#art4steem project :

I will be selling my #artwork for #steem or #steemdollar / #steempower
to raise the outside value of the #cryptocurrency & my own account ;)

Please #upvote & #resteem this blog to #support the effort.

DM me @spraychilled for #enquiries, #prices will be appropriate-
See my blog for more details & information.
You can always visit me in my store, located in 1020 Vienna, for personal impressions.

Love&Greetings to @all #steemians.




na das war ja ne lange pause :-(

welcome back :-)

Ja wirklich & nicht ganz freiwillig. Leben scheißt einen manchmal an, jetzt lachts wieder ;) Danke

fein wenn wieder alles ok ist :-)


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