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Greetings Steemians,

Today I tried a fast capture panoramic, and a slow capture.
The slow capture made the sun look smaller and more defined. In my opinion it looks more realistic.

The fast capture shows a sun looking more like a supernova and has a special quality about it.

Which one do you like better?

Thank you for stopping by, much love!

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Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently
Vielen Dank für die wertvollen Beiträge auf Ihrer Seite
Ich bin dankbar, mit Liebe und Respekt hier in der Gemeinschaft zu sein. Kein Monopol. Kein Rassismus. Keine Diskriminierung. Das ist es, was wir brauchen. Liebe, Wertschätzung, Respekt und Zusammenarbeit
Ich werde mich gerne meiner Seite anschließen und mich dauerhaft unterstützen
페이지의 소중한 게시물에 감사드립니다.
나는 사랑과 존경, 독점, 인종 차별, 차별이없는 당신과 함께 공동체에 여기에있어서 감사합니다. 이것은 우리가 사랑, 감사, 존중 및 협력을 필요로하는 것입니다
내 페이지에 참여하고 저를 영구적으로 지원하게되어 기쁩니다.

Mir geht es genauso wie dir. Liebe und Respekt.
Vielen Dank für Ihre freundlichen Worte und Unterstützung. 🤍

To me, these images appear very small, and thin. About the size of the box I'm typing this text into. Impossible to see more than a general idea of where you are and what's around you, but hopefully other people are able to see the photos in a larger resolution. Maybe it's because I'm just on Steemit using a PC, not an app on a device? Have a happy weekend.

There's an error in the Wherein code that caused the white borders.
The panorama images do seem kind of slim to me, even in the other posts. They save this way in the device.
I will see if there is a way to change the aspect ratio, but I don't think there is. (in the phone stock application anyway)

I also use a PC primarily and find this undesirable, but I do like the panoramic images in general terms.

I'm wondering now what would happen if I posted them through a PC web browser instead. I might give that a try, and I might be able to modify the aspect ratio through paint on Windows.

Have a happy weekend too, thank you for stopping by.

Makes sense!
I was thinking of looking into image hosting sites. Surely there's something free, and hopefully decentralized? I'm not up to date on that kind of thing. Generally I just get Steemit to host my images, but there are some disadvantages to that. I think we'd have access to larger images than 640 pixels if we used a 3rd party image host. I generally hate using 3rd parties if I don't have to, but maybe this would be worth it. I do a lot of photography and 640p doesn't do it justice sometimes.

There are some free hosting sites around. (probably not decentralized.)
I am not sure about max allowed resolution. I've not even looked into it and was unaware of the hosting compression with the local hosting.

The thought of using outside hosting is not attractive and requires more work.

Could host your own too, but that is even more work and things could go catastrophically wrong.

Hi Jake,
As you mentioned, the sun looks more realistic in the first picture. But the colour in the second photo is brighter and chirpier. So, it is not without its merits. :-)
I hope you are having a great weekend.

Thank you for the kind words Vincent.
I'm doing well here, and hope you are having a nice weekend :)

Of course, the first picture is much better than the second, the difference is clear in the second picture, the sun greatly affected the image and made it not look clear

Thank you my friend. I am happy you like the first one better.

I think if you are emphasising the sun the slow capture is nice. But I noticed a line of 2 tones when it was being captured together.

[WhereIn Android] (

Very perceptive catch.
I noticed with the faster exposure the ground scenery appears more vivid too.

I cannot decide which I like better because of the different qualities present in both, but the faster exposure does have a certain magical appeal about it to me.

Thank you for the support and kind words :)

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holy potatoes! these Pano view are amazing! 😮 !shop !trdo

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Thanks alot Dave!

I didn't mean to add the white edges like that. I think it's due to a new setting in Wherein. I will have to experiment more.

I appreciate the kind words. I like taking panoramas in this location because there are no obstructions and a great view of the sky. !shop

its a logic error in the code, and irrecoverable. we will have to wait until the next upgrade before that part of the code being physically replace the current version 🤣

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Cool sky. I like the 2nd on better.

[WhereIn Android] (

Thank you!
The second one does have some special qualities about it!

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Many thanks for the support Wherein!

Got some interesting stuff going on there! Even some chemtrails. I prefer the top one, which makes me want to be there. I can't look at the bottom one without being blinded.

Interesting note about the chem trails. I didn't even make the connection until you mentioned it!
Sorry the bottom one is blinding to you. Maybe your monitor brightness is a bit too high. It would be good to check, because screens too bright are not good for the eyes.

你才是摄影高手 😂😂😂 666

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Hi Jake, how are u doing? wow.. beautiful pictures. the both are beautiful, but I prefer the first picture because the atmosphere is more romantic. Have a nice day, Jake.

Hi my friend @elianaelisma,
Sorry for the late reply. I am doing well.

Thank you for the nice compliment. I agree, it is a romantic setting yes.
Have a great day my friend.

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