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Curating your favorite content on the platform is just as important as making posts. And this is where bots come into play and are our friends.

  • No matter how much I want to reward someone whose work I enjoy, I cannot monitor the blockchain 24/7 waiting for them to post, I have things to do just like everyone else.
  • I probably could come back later and try to find their post in my feed, somewhere . . . Things are currently in the making and perhaps we will be introduced to a different default post display scenario, but as of right now it is impossible to go to someone's page and see their posts (or my own) if the person reblogs a lot like I do.
    I don't know about you, but I don't feel like sitting there and manually filtering content.

These are the main reasons for me to use a curation bot. Luckily, our friends over at www.Golos.io have our backs :). Telegram curation bots are an easy way to make sure you don't miss a post.

Now, before I continue my ramble, I would like to give a shout out to the creator of the bot - @vik, you can also check him out on both Whaleshares and Golos, he's a long term community member and a witness over at Golos.
Initially, the bot's interface was in Russian, but I volunteered to translate it into English, just so more people would be able to use it in case they wanted to. So far, it's in the making and I got a decent chunk of the text translated already, but it still has some instructions here and there that need translation, we will 100% it eventually haha.


The bot is extremely versatile and allows you to set up almost anything you want. You can either only upvote certain people that you add to a list called "Favorites" or you can follow so-called "Curators," who basically are the people whose votes you match (essentially a trail) . . . or don't match, you can set up different MANA or delay your vote for each user individually when configuring the bot the way you want it to operate. It may sounds a bit complicated, but it is not, it's pretty much the decisions you make when casting a vote anyway.

One of my favorite options so far is "Summons." When you set this up, you will allow certain users to summon your vote in a comment to a post and then your account votes on the article.
You're able to create a white list of users who have the permission to do that, you will be able to pick your VP, delay your vote and choose the keyword that will trigger the bot. Fancy! I feel like this option would be very useful for curation teams as well.

But anyway, I am not trying to write a novel over here. This is a Telegram bot, so to run it you will need an account on there as well, then it will require your username and private posting key. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your private posting key, then just opt out from using a bot.

To run it, simply start a conversation with @whalesharesbot on Telegram and it will guide you through the process. Note, not everything is translated into English yet, you may get confused haha.

Another cool thing about it is that the bot is also available for Steemit and perhaps will be also translated if people are interested in using it. I recommend reaching out to @vik about it on Telegram, the contact info below:

Bot Support: https://t.me/chain_cf on Telegram.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Whaleshares tool.

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It definitely sounds interesting, especially for those who like to be active in the community, but do this mostly as a hobby, with little time available. Seems, though, that for a "tiny fish" like me it wouldn't be so efficient, since I wouldn't want to give out a bunch of "dust" votes to people... but I'll check it out, when I get a chance!

And thank you for helping to make it available in English!



Yeah, for sure, if your voting power is low, you can either vote for a few people whose content you like a lot, or just continue to manually vote. Like I said the bot is super versatile, even if you add 2 users to your list for instance and let's say they make 1000 posts a day, there's still an option to allow you to choose how many votes you wanna cast, or stop casting votes if your VP is 80% for instance. A lot of stuff to play with haha.

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Very interesting, unfortunately the internet does not help us to be constant on the platform.

I like your publication, I got a knowledge of something I did not know, thanks for the information.