Whaleshares + the50 = minnows win! and free Ohm giveaway!

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Whaleshares has teamed up with the50 to provide more opportunities for you, the steemit community, to earn some more steem! We will be donating enough whaleshare tokens each week to the50's lottery for the users to get a full whale upvote! If you don't know what the50 is you can check out this post and if you don't know what whaleshares is check this post. To redeem these winnings you will need a bitshares account. Once you have that set up go to http://whaleshares.net/ and plug in the url for the post you want to upvote. Then, copy the code generated and open your bitshares account. Transfer the tokens to the whaleshares account and paste the code you copied into the memo. That's it, your post will then receive an upvote that is currently worth around $10.

What about the free Ohm?

To receive Ohm you will need to go to https://ohmwallet.com/ and download the wallet. Once that's done upvote and resteem this post and I will give the first 5 people to post their Ohm wallet address 1000 ohm and the next 10 people 500 Ohm. You can read more about Ohm including how to get more free Ohm here.

Discord links

All of these projects are on discord so I invite you to join us where we can answer any questions you might have.

Whaleshares discord: https://discord.gg/RRDzn6c
the50 discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/66T6dKt
Ohm discord: https://discord.gg/7JzdnhJ

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What is the Ohm for? And what the hell is it?

@jphenderson This seems interesting, but I have heard bad things about Bitshare, nothing specific that I can pinpoint. It just seems the consensus vibe I get from reading much of the content online published by Steemit creators implies that lessons learned from Bitshare are what made Steemit what it is today, but Bitchare's time has come and gone. Am I wrong to think this? Is Bitshare safe and legit? If so, I definitely want to get involved.

Bitshares is definitely safe and legit. When they talk about lessons learned from bitshares they are referring to the technical data as well as some of the way the voting is structured and everything. However, as a cryptocurrency platform bitshares is by far the best one out there and it's time is far from come and gone. The future of bitshares as an investment and trading platform has never looked brighter.

Thank you for that. I think I will look into it. One thing I noticed overall with the crypto-sector while monitoring the ebb and flows of Poloniex tickers across the board is that it seems one would benefit more from just investing in all the current currencies out than just the top few. While maybe this shouldn't be done blindly, it seems like this applies even with the crap coins as recently there seems to be more green than red and more than a few runs are 50%+, daily, while the downs rarely dip below 20% and on average 10%. Don't hold me to those numbers, and I have only been watching closely and daily for about 6 weeks now, but what is your take on putting on a blindfold and just dividing a portfolio across the board?

I would say that's a fairly risky gamble but could really pay off especially right now as everything seems to be going up. New coins can be a good way to make a lot of money real fast as they start low and build but often they become a pump and dump scheme and you can easily lose a bunch. Basically, they are higher risk but have a higher chance of a bigger reward.

Yeah. The idea here is clearly that you have less to lose and more to gain. With penny stocks, they are usually all trash and so many that it's not possible to really identify the good ones through all the noise. I imagine the crypto-currency space will eventually be over-saturated, but at this moment it's still developing and the long-term objectives of cryptos as a whole suggests even the trash coins are undervalued in the context of how they will first be perceived during the massive crypto adoption stage, which is supposedly coming around 2020, not now. We haven't seen shit yet.

Exactly, with the way markets are now it's kinda hard to lose money short term trading even on crap coins and the market is ripe for long term investments if you do your research on coins and pick ones you think will go somewhere as many will have good gains but some will be next to nothing in a couple years.

I saw this post earlier but my account just approved. Here is my OHM wallet address:

Ohm sent! Thanks for your support.

nice....your post deserve upvote and resteem...

Excellent idea will looking into it cheers for the info.

upvoted and resteemed :-)

Ohm sent... You're the last of the 1000. Congratulations!

Good idea :)

sounds cool

I don't understand, which token do I have to send through OpenLedger?

Each whale will using the service will probably end up with their own tokens to use but right now the only ones are the whaleshare tokens which aren't available for trade yet and can only be acquired through our contests and giveaways here on steemit and in our discord server.

Upvoted, resteemed and followed :)

Ohm sent!

Want to resteem but cant

Thanks again

Ohm sent!


Really cool! Downloaded the wallet. Here is my address:


Ohm sent!

This is my Ohm wallet address :)

Ohm sent! I know you are syncing right now but it should be in your wallet when it finishes.

Very fast thank you:)

Any time. Happy to help. ;-)

Sound great


Ohm sent

resteemed, and I am the first to post wallet address :)
yep 1000 ohm here

Ohm sent my friend

but I have 0 balance, 0 stake, 0 unconfirmed, what's this?
note : I just downloaded the wallet and posted address here

the wallet is probably still syncing... it should show up once it is synced with the blockchain

yes! it's still syncing, how long will it take to complete the sync ?

that depends on your network but probably about 3 hours

I have Upvoted, Post a Story/resteemed and followed you

Here is my wallet address: MtHd9eG7UvytmBv1NEwZjATpbhDga3kYGd

Completely synced
Looking forward and Hoping to receive my gift.

Many Thanks in advance

Ohm sent! Thanks for your support.

Please assist, My wallet says " Not minting because you do not have mature coins".

I have coins on it.

It takes a little while for the coins to mature to where they mint... if they still aren't maturing let me know tomorrow or you can get help on discord here: https://discord.gg/7JzdnhJ

Bitshares doesn't seem to like my computer.

you can try using openledger at bitshares.openledger.info

I tried to sign up but it refused to sync with my comp.

Hmmm... I've had problems connecting to the node before occasionally myself. Usually fixes if I refresh the page. You could try using a different browser too