Whaleshares-- A New Way to Help Minnows Get Whale Votes!

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Greetings Steemians! Today I want to tell you about a wonderful new tool brought to us by @officialfuzzy called whaleshares. Whaleshares is a wonderful tool that helps minnows (people with low steempower) get votes from whales (people with high steempower) in the Steemit and Golos communities. This allows people to quickly build their steempower as well as increasing their payouts while simultaneously giving whales incentive to hold their steempower instead of powering down and selling their steem. This should also help the price of steem go up as there will be less flooding the market from whales powering down their accounts.

How it works

Whaleshares works through the Bitshares dex so you will need a BitShares account. Then, head over to http://whaleshares.net/. Once there you enter the URL of the post you want to upvote this will generate a code that you will want to copy into your clipboard. Then, open your Bitshares account and transfer the whalshare tokens to the whale you want to upvote (whale must be signed up with whaleshares), pasting the code into the memo section. Each token is worth 1% upvote so you can decide how much weight you want to give to the upvote. Your post will then be upvoted by that whale giving you a significant boost in your payout for that post.

How do I get whaleshare tokens?

Right now whaleshares aren't yet being traded on the dex. So, the only way to get them is through the official contests and giveaways. The first of these is the logo contest announced here. Rumor also has it that there may be some given away at the Beyond Bitcoin hangouts on Fridays. Details of joining that are available here . Also, join us in the official WhaleShares discord server here: https://discord.gg/RRDzn6c. Happy steeming and hope to see you there!
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How is one fungible token worth 1% vote of different SP whales ?

This should also help the price of steem go up as there will be less flooding the market from whales powering down their accounts

There will be way less power up because people simply won't have to ....

I find this whole idea to be poorly thought through.

I agree with you transisto, I personally think it strives against the "give & take" idea the whole system was invented for. In my opinion to put a price tag onto the aspect "give" will hurt this project. Imagine a real life scenario in which meal vouchers are handed out as support to poor. Sounds like a fair setup and a caring community.

Now comes a group in that sees bigger earning potentials here, they use their reputation in order to get big chunks of the vouchers but instead of giving them away for free they put a price tag on them.

The sellers will benefit in this scenario but the broad mass, which needs the support the most, will suffer.

In longterm the project will suffer. Dropouts, tough environment for newbies and a massive amount of poor content (as token buyers will not need to worry as much about the quality).

This project in my opinion pressurizes the caring aspect, which is needed for further growth. Users should feel welcome here and not pressurized to buy externally tokens in order to have success here.

@puffin where did you find this gif .. made me laugh haha

There will actually probably be more power ups since whales using the service will try to increase the value of their tokens. I'm not sure why you would think otherwise.

That is such a stupid argument I lack words. The lower the price, the more steem you will get. What you are saying is that this system creates a artificially high price for steem.

There's a limited amount of steem produced each day for the reward pool. The price of steem determines the SBD value of the payouts so the higher the price of steem the more SBD you will get from your payouts while you will get the same amount of SP. Giving people a reason to keep their stake in steem rather than powering down does nothing but increase payouts. That's why post payouts go up and down with the price of steem. The only way you would get more steem with a lower price is if you're buying it on the exchange rather than earning it on the platform. Might want to make sure you know what you're talking about before calling someone stupid while simultaneously making yourself look stupid.

How do I sign up to be a whale?

Best way is to talk to @officialfuzzy. We can get you set up. He's usually in the discord server.

I loaded discord how do I add @officialfuzzy?

You have to be in at least one server with someone to add them on discord so the best thing to do would be to go click the invite link and join the whaleshares server then PM him.

Thanks for your interest BTW.

Very exciting stuff .. the50 got your 6 !

Resteemed for late night reading!

Great. More and more people mention the initiative.

This looks like a very innovative project. Resteeming.

When do you suppose it'd be up for purchase?

Probably fairly soon... The website is pretty basic right now until after the logo contest but we'll probably be actively trading by the time the contest is over.

This honestly could be used as a really good marketing tool for those that know how to best use it :) Definitely see a lot of potential in this project!

So this basically acts as an upvoting bot if i understand correctly? What is the return on investment?

nice....upvote and resteem for u

Wow thats awesome - hopefully I get one day above the 0,2 USD / post :)

I upvoted one of your posts using whaleshares so that day is today! Thanks for your support. That little girl playing the guitar was epic!

Oh WOW - thanks you so much :)
Now I totally have overseen the most important reply! lol

This is so awesome. I already thanked both of you guys, but thanks to anyone else who is making this happen. I will open a bitshares right after I open a trail account or whatever its called. Still need time to figure this stuff out.

Trail is another coin on the bitshares dex so you don't need a separate account. The same account is used for both tokens.

Well, this is most inteersting Mr Henderson. Thanks for the info. Follow'd!

Very interesting, upvote and restreem!

This is interesting. How do you find the whales? I feel like Ahab...well, maybe more like: ​

So far I think Fuzzy is the only one that's really set up for so far but we haven't really launched yet either. We will keep you informed as things develop.

Awesome! I look forward to the developments. Site is a breeze to use. :D

As soon as the logo contest is over it will look good too. ;-)

looking forward to getting some whaleshares once they are available on the DEX!

Wow this is awesome

This is all new to me. I appreciate the share and could use some support from the whales.

Great!! that sounds interesting!!

an awesome and cool idea!

Thanks my friend!

This sounds all well and good....dig deeper. This ensures the whales stay whales, and when the token trading is started it will be 'buying votes from whales' Right no you can buy votes from anyone simply by transferring x after someone y agrees to your terms. Then you simply wait for them to fulfil their part, you can check to see when/if that happens. This is not good for Steemit, content should stand out for it's own merit. by upvotes/resteems/comments. creator's getting involved in whaleshares are really only trying to 'jump the queue to greatness' by 'buying' content votes. This could be a temporary solution...but it may return to bite those who chose that route.

There is a bit of that but at the same time it provides a means for whales to monetize their sp without powering down which will mean that since a lot of steem won't be being liquidated there will be less being traded which will raise the price of steem which is good for everyone. It also helps level the playing field for the people just starting out. I see plenty of crap posts making lots of money simply because the user has whale friends who upvote all their posts so there's always ways for people to game the system.

In other words, we are paying the whale to stay and to be whales? Otherwise, they go and destroy the system? Sounds a bit like the banking system, which we have learned cannot be destroyed because we need it. I.e. pumping trillions of dollars into the system.
I agree, the crappy posts I have seen a lot too.

Nice one!!! Good job

So this is basically paying the whales to upvote our posts?, how much cost each token?

The tokens aren't being traded right now. The only way to get them now is through the contests and giveaways we will be doing to promote the service.

Why should we have to pay for it?

This is cool.

I'm new to this platform and not quite familiar with all term but I read it 3 times and I think I got the jist of it. Heading over to make a Bitshare account. How do you know if someone is a whale? By their followers or their wallet?

By the steempower in their wallet but they have to be set up with us.

I always thought that the way to get votes was to produce good content. Maybe this is a silly question but if you pay whales to possibly vote for crappy content, how does that actually improve the community? Just wondering.

A couple of ways... For one thing, if your content is crappy it won't really help you because people will downvote it anyway and you will have wasted any money spent on it. However, if it is good content it can help you get into trending so that more people will see your post and resteem it and follow you for your future good content. Another way it improves the community is that it enables whales to monetize their sp other than powering down which, with therefore a ton less steem being sold to meet the same demand, the price of steem goes up. Also, it is a much better alternative to the autovoting bots that have been used by whales to upvote each other's shit posts as a mining operation. Posts which often make it into trending polluting it and keeping good content out. Finally, it will help those new minnows that come and get discouraged when their awesome content only makes a penny or two from giving up on the platform before they make a decent following.

So basically, it's a "upvote me, i'll upvote you" automator?

Not really... it's a tool where users can trade tokens for whale votes. You don't upvote anything, you just trade the tokens for the votes.

is this for real🙄🙄🙄🙄

It is indeed for real

i tried it , can't figure it out probably cos i am using a mobile phone to surf the net.

That would probably make it difficult. I'll probably make a video soon on how to use it. In the mean time you can join us on the whaleshares discord server: https://discord.gg/RRDzn6c

Alright, am in.

LOOKING forward to it.
Following and VOTED.

How much will each token be worth?

That will be determined by the market

I'm not even sure what a Whale Vote is, but I'm resteeming this so I can read it again later and try to figure it out! LOL

Whales are steemit users with a lot of steempower and a vote from them considerably raises the payout of posts. Thanks for the resteem!

Forgive me... new here. Can you point me to the chart that shows how much is "a lot"? I'm really curious.

There's not a chart but steemd can tell you a bunch of relevant information. For instance, our whale sponsor has over 56 million vests you can see here vs me who has about 3/4 of a million vests you can see here. Since the vests are squared to determine how much influence they have over the payout, that means his vote is worth almost 5600 times mine. Being new, you have about .06 million vests seen here so he has about 870,000 times more influence than you over post payout.

whoa. Thanks :)

Any time! Be sure to check out the new contest I announced herefor your chance to win some whaleshares.

Is it just me or is this platform seeming more like a buy votes community? I see almost as many posts about getting following and paying whales as I do actual posts.


We only distribute whaleshares through contests and rewarding people who have helped us in some way so there's really not "vote buying". Since we came up with this many people have come up with actual vote buying things but those have nothing to do with us. We are about building a community and helping people get established on the platform.

Ah that's great news then,

I don't have money to spend but I do have some skills and little time.
I will keep an eye out for the contests =)
Thank you

Most of them are posted or resteemed on my blog but there are some I miss because many of the people that get them start their own contests. You can find them all on our discord server. https://discord.gg/RRDzn6c

Sounds interesting. Off to create a bitshares account. Yeah!!! Thanks for the post.Cheers!!!!!

When I first arrived here, posts got flagged for 'buying votes'.