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As per status, 7/10 of steemit users are minnows,2/10 are dolphins and 1/10 are whales. Minnows are new clients who joined steemit for profiting, the individuals who joined planning to procure from but they are on the way toward figuring out how it functions, how things done and how to get rich with steemit. 

**You are minnow:

-If your normal steem control is beneath 1,000 

-If your vote worth little measure of impact to other. Your single vote worth $.01 not worth that much. 

-On the off chance that you are pennies to $1 per post

 **You are a dolphins 

-On the off chance that you have 1000 steem power or more 

-You can impact other post by offering $.05 to $.10 per upvotes 

-You earned at any rate $1 or more per post.

**The Whales 

The monster, huge fish in steemit world. Individuals continually standing out enough to be noticed, why? Their votes means money. Whales are gaining $100 per post and more concurring on their article submitted. To wind up whales, you need to concentrate on getting more upvote and more followers.

👉How to help steemit to be the best social platform in the net-world

As a minnows:

1-Write great article.

2-Write at least one article a day.

3- Try to improve the level of your writing.

4-Choose carefully the topics of your writing, it should be useful and not copy and paste from the efforts of others.

5- Even if you do not get a profit, try every time you will definitely succeed.

As a dolphin or whales :

1-After posting your article, open the window named "feed" and give all your upvotes to minnows's posts.

2- Make meetings with people and advertise the platform using a portion of your profits.

3- @minnowbooster  is a great robot which upvote the steemians and help them to grow so you can delegate your SP to this robot and get additional profit.

4-Remember that the success of the platform means your success and remember that the success of the platform means high price of steem.

👉Eat and give eating to minnows!

By upvoting and helping the minnows of the community :

- God will delight you in your life and find someone to help you in other things.

- The minnow that you will upvote will be encouraged to continue and submit better articles.

- The community will grow quickly.

- We will attract more famous persons to Steemit.

- More Upvote-Help, more successful steemians. More successful steemians means more users and more FAME.

-If steemit get more FAME, the demand for the Steem and steem dollar(sbd) will rise, then the value rise too.



👉Who is @joulia?

I am the leader of the largest Arab team in the internet investment to the thousands of followers from Morocco to Lebanon. I can add a million Arab users to the platform and organize forums around Steemit in different Arab countries. Within a month, more than 500 friends joined me, including a Palestinian journalist, an Iraqi writer, a Lebanese researcher and a Moroccan businessman; if I succeed, the platform will get thousands more users. I hope that some sweets whales  support me and give me the hand of help.

Note:  I will be very happy if you read this article and support my opinion, but I will be happy even if I can not find support; I have expressed my heart.



Excellent publication. And you are true as you say. And we are with you my sister Julia no matter what the odds. Because we have seen the goal and the way and the means to success. Forward with the help of the big whale or without it. God's help is enough for us

We Can and we Will Be incha allah

Sorry i am only one of this Minnows.😋😋😋
But you have my upvote, and i will follow you.....

We will become whales one day, trust me! ❤️

You are right. We are in on the ground floor of Steemit.
Just hang in there Ippua. HINT. get an avatar. The default gray silhouette is not helpful for your steemit image. Just think, in a year or two we will be the ones that have the greatest understanding of steemit and just over time and commitment will gain the influence we desire. But it takes a thoughtful approach to our content and daily persistence.

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I m with you ! We must help minnows and grow together. Every person publishes the site to his friends and family and contributes to the success of steemit. Sufficiency in writing articles is not enough! Steemit better than facebook !

You are true. We must cooperate in publishing steemit. I wish you succeed and be a big whales ❤️ is the FaceBook Killer, we just need to arm everyone with the knowledge that it exists.
http://gab.ia will eventually take over Twitter rank as Twitter is slowly committing digital suicide through mass censorship.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Personally, i will make stop to facebook in arab countries. Facebook is a waste of time ,while steemit is a source of profit and money.

Today's minnows are tomorrow's whales. .

Yes ! Sure bro ❤️

Great post, I like and have been following, "feed the minnows!"

Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

بالتوفيق لكى اختى العزيزة جوليا
فانتى مثال لحب الخير للجميع

Good luck to my dear sister
Vanity is an example of love for all

You are a great leader and you can do things that make the platform at the top

Yes we can ❤️

Great advice.
I actually joined back in March but did not really login and use Steemit until August, a full 5 months later after joining before my first post, Waitig that long was a HUGE mistake. I would already be a whale had I posted then.

It has actually been less than 30 days that I have gone from a 27 to my current rank of 45.47 according to

My STEEM Power was not all earned however from my post. I already owned a sizable amount of STEEM that I bought on the Poloniex exchange back in January and I gradually have moved small portions of it over to . I continue to buy STEEM at now and each purchase I move about a 10% portion over to my account and the other to my wallet.

I may eventually move everything to when it comes out of beta. But for now 10% at a time is a pretty good cut. I have also made more than just small comments like "Nice Post" or "Hey that was a good post, would you mind upvoting and following me?" I try to make compelling comments that show I am involved with the content of the author and truly want to participate in the community of minnows dolphins and whales.

I believe in and the fact we have a Blockchain based social media platform that anybody can participate in, even the evil Jamie Dimon, makes this a long term survivable crypto currency based project that people can actually see and appreciate.

I do aspire to a player in the sea eventually as I would love nothing more than to stop driving for Uber and Lyft on tight months. I won a website hosting company that has over the years has seen my clients applications move from ColdFusion API to .NET and into to the cloud. So this would be a great place to retire to.

I really appreciate content like this becuase it is helpful to others to have an idea of how the social hierarchy of steemit breaks down. We are a young community and these are the items that help us all see the bones that are our blockchain.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Thank you for giving me a bigger view! Three points for everyone to think about them firmly:
1-Cooperation between whales and minnows.
2-Conducting forums to introduce the platform
3-Try to draw the attention of artists to the platform to gain wider fame

thanks ekhet joulia ,I wish you and us luck ❤️ ^_^

You are welcome bro @messaoud1, rabi iewaffakna jami3an incha allah

in chaa allah :)

For minnows investing in SP will speed up their growth.

Yes, by investing in SP or sending sbd to robot we can grow. But here I talk psychologically, steemit not an investment site to rely on a purchase..When a whales give upvote to minnow, this upvote help the minnow psychologically to continue ^_^

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Thanks !

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