Good morning HK #3: Starbucks Matcha Pudding

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Everyday is a Gift.

Throwback to Starbucks Matcha Pudding to start my day in the morning.


Comparing to the chocolate flavour, this pudding tastes a bit lighter but also looks good as it in package.

Besides the morning quote by Starbucks, I would like to share one more:


Good morning HK series

#1 Healthy Pineapple Bun

#2 Mi-Do Café


be happy men :)

Say hello to my fellow hk steemit. It is always great to see one with so much positive energy. Starbucks to me is very expensive as i could hardly afford that. Luckily i located in taiwan where i can get a coffee for around 15 hkd. I am sure you will like here too. See you around.

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