Good morning HK: Pineapple bun :P

in #chainbb-general6 years ago

Healthy Pineapple bun?! :O

There's always been a struggle between eating yum pineapple bun and being healthy, probably because it's usually containing around 300 to 400 kcals!

This amount of calories is probably equivalent to a 45-min running...but here's a chance for breakthrough!


This pineapple bun is of purple rice flavour and is claimed to contain less sugar and calories.

How about the taste? It's a bit thick and the purple rice flavour is light. Good enough for me!

Btw, it's near Happy Valley in Hong Kong~


I loved and ate a lot of pineapple bun in the past.

But I stop eating it because the calories are too high.
I will go and try that low calories bun.

Thx for the information.

It's not easy giving up something we loved, but health surely worths sacrifice! Glad that you are keeping it up, hope you are becoming healthier and heathlier!! :)

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