S542 - Bakewell Steam Engine , ( Part 1 ) - In Original Night Photography # 129

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S542 - Bakewell Steam Engine

S542 - Steam Engine built in 1943, how I was able to capture this #steem-engine at night with my camera. Yes, this is in the #history of locomotives, I mean #steem-engine

checked the S542 S-class freight locomotives ; 4-8-2 "Mountain" wheel arrangement.

want to see more, please see part 2

S542 - Steam Engine , ( Part 1 ) - Original Night Photography # 129
Photography and Author by @bullionstackers
Night Photography - Original By @bullionstackers
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Wow!, A moving #steem-engine , man love your night photography
and all the series, I have been followed. It's getting better every time, Looking forward for the next part.

Love these old Steam Engines, they sure dont make them like they used to



Nice capture! What camera are you using? The photo is crisp and clear even if it's taken during the night. Amazing!


Awesome photograph! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thanks. Saw that

Nice my friend and i resteem

Thanks my friend

great nice work

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Fuck that's one sexy engine. Wish they still made them look like that!

Yes, a few still running

Actually its Steem Engine :)

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Hi @bullionstackers . . This is an interesting post. .. . Thankyou for sharing. .

That's an interesting generic fit all comment. Could it be spam :O

Thank you , I saw that coming.

I like your post. @bullionstackers I have followed you

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Great photos man, you are trully good with the camera!!!
Waiting for part 2 !!

Great Thanks

Super cool photos!
Where did you manage to find such an old locomotive?... looks like it have been painted recently!😉

It is call Restoration. Very observant

This engine surely looks strong and manly. And it seems it is taken care really well. Did you take this photo in a museum, @bullionstackers?

In a private storage, collection
Last few known. The rest was scrapped 45 years ago.

I see. Thanks for your reply @bullionstackers. I'd love to see more of this engine, if any.

Excellent night photography