K O to All Flags Accounts , claimed from Steemit Defence League

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K O to All Flags Accounts claimed from Steemit Defence League
More of these Accounts have been Terminated.

These Accounts are actually Phishing Accounts. That's correct.

My Evidences 1 Here

My Evidences 2 Here

Somehow they All are related to each other.



Nothing But Phishers Accounts

Phishers you have been Terminated by STINC , Your Delegation have been Removed.

Good News to All , Once again , All of Us are Safe

So Everyone can concentrate to produce good contents and posts.

If you do have anymore problems please contact @quarantine Account.

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That is great news, thanks to you and others who are knocking them out and keeping all us us safe. I was flagged for the first time by @fertipo and it was taken care of.

terimakasih banyak atas informasinya saudaraku @bullionstackers saya ada di antara Anda semua, mengenai informasi yang bermanfaat ini, sukses buat saudaraku selalu buat semua tim @whalepower


Did you make a mistake with your name?
The guy is called Eden, right?

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Kesalahan dalam memberikan vote atau scam account seperti dibawah ini dengan voting power dibawah 10 %

@bullionstackers you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

I think they are doing the scam job.

Terimakasih @bullionstackers. Saya bulan lalu mendapatkan serangan downvoters, padahal dalam postingan saya tidak ada yang aneh dan meyinggung pihak manapun. Beberapa nama yanh sudah di KO kan adalah yang mendatangi postingan saya. Sekali thanks you very much

@bullionstackers, nice initiative. Highly appreaciate it!
But why does one of Your puppet accounts downvote my posts? Can I help You in any way? DM me at steem.chat or discord mys#4442.


Do you Ever Read? Comments before you Up it?
You are found Amalgamate Phisher comments.
Not once but 4 x in a Roll. Congratulations! , You have Earn yourself some Down Votes.
Take this as a Warning! , I will come to you Personally with my Heavy Flags.

  • A Warning was in place at @realmeandi comment and you up it?
    Silly Enough I guess.



Thanks for clarification! I will stay away from abusers like that.
Good job anyway, even if I got backfired!


Even you were pointed out where you makes your mistakes , you don't bother correct it.
That make you an Accessory , look like intentional to support the phisher.
From what I heard , you are a total different person.
Not Justified. The next round will be directly from me for not reading what you Vote for.
I don't need to keep reminding.

Hi @bullionstackers, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @crigmalo doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

If you found this comment useful, consider upvoting it to help keep this bot running. You can see a list of all available commands by replying with !help.

Ok , Typo
Who is your Owner @checky Bot ?

Your Account is too young , I consider it as Rookie and you will be a Snacks of Larger Accounts.
Is Best to identify the owner so We don't actually Miss Fire !


its actually @crigmarlo he hit me twice now


Hey, I'm @checky's owner. Yeah, it's very young but all projects have to start somewhere right ? :D

It's been on for 6 days by now (3 days on the #fr tag for testing purposes and 3 days globally). I'm curious as to why you think larger accounts would want to flag @checky's comments (I assume that's what you meant by talking about misfiring), all the large accounts that @checky interacted with have been quite supportive actually. But if you don't want @checky to comment on your posts you can type !mode off and it should stop checking your posts.


Actually , I have done my Research.
Many don't , Some how Mis-Fire can occurred.
Two years ago , @danman Flagged me. Just one flag to -5 Rep.
I don't Mis-Fire
When I shoot , is to Bury
Good that you show up and claimed. A lot don't bother returning back message.
Good to know you.
@bullionstackers , #whalepower Curator

Hello! Can you please check this one, its Craig Grant on some new account. God knows whats he up to again. I made a post about it you can read it here.

Good luck & goodbye


Thanks , but Irrelevant Topic.
Heard about him , Craig Grant ; never follow his posts.

You got a 25.27% upvote from @edensgarden courtesy of @accumulator!