If I will be a Steemit Whale - What I will do to help others - Contest

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If I will be a Steemit Whale

What I will do to help others!


Hi to all, my name is Nahu Padilla, from Caracas, Venezuela, SouthAmerica, for me Steemit its an awesome comunity that helps me a lot, in too many ways, brings me the future now, I can help people with crypto currency and I made a lot of awesome friends in this amazing network. So if I will be a whale of course I really continue to helping others, support a lot of interesting´s proyects in humanitarian and art talented posts.

In may of this year I create a Discord Channel for being a curator and upvote & support a lot of Steemit posts of users that put theirs links in my differents rooms, for me will be amazing that have a lot of SP for give them good rewards of theirs labors in artistic way, and supporting aid non-profit charity programs too, in this network. In my personal case, I have here in Venezuela a charity aid foundation for help others with food and medicines boughts with SBD, STEEM´s, and others cripto coins, my foundation calls: Unknown Heroes Foundation, and now Im going to show some of our labor here in some posts.


Unknown Heroes Foundation





Members: Nahu Padilla @nahupuku & Valeria Bandes @valeriabandes

Caracas - Venezuela

Since: 2008




My PukuWorld Discord Server

In my Discord channel I have also set up a room specially dedicated to social projects and of course to share the posts of the Unknown Heroes Foundation there, I invite you to check it in this link: https://discord.gg/xenWUzt


We have an English room too for leave english posts too.

Here you can read more information about my channel:



By the way, the Amazing art draw from this Whale its from my friend @akarantain, an awesome artist from my country Venezuela, she have amazing skills and always create very beautiful art in her drawing posts. Her whale its from this Art post: https://steemit.com/cetacea-art/@akarantain/cetacean-drawing-contest-cosmic-whale



Contest post link:


I will tag to: @valeriabandes and @akarantain - If you wanna make the contest!

Thanks to: @mermaidvampire for this amazing contest!

Blessings to all






Nahu Padilla @nahupuku - The alliance & youareHOPE Member


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First entry! Yeiey! Thank you @nahupuku. Namaste.

:D your welcome! For me its an awesome oportunity in this post to speak about my foundation too and spread the word about our work here :) In the other hand if I will be a whale here I will going to help others cause I love to help, its the only way to get the humanity in a good energy field. :) with love and unity. Namaskar

I really do love when Steemit brings awesome people together, super idea for a contest :-)

A good heart indeed! Keep being a good person. May God's blessings shower upon you at all times and continue this good work.

<3 thanks a lot for your words! :D thanks! Amen and blessings for you too

My friend, excelente propuesta. Un Abrazo

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gracias mi bro como siempre por tu apoyo! abrazo de vuelta.

Good heart on you my man.

Thanks a lot! :D You know here in Venezuela we are living hard times, but we can help others with the crypto world and with the power of love, the same with YAH, I really like to help others in a global scale, so for me will be a Whale will be a blessing for help others :D but its a pacient wait with a lot of money and savings for do that :) but its a plan, I have to start from the beggining :D blessings

Really impressed, you are a man that keeps on giving throughout and that should be rewarded.

Loving the art of your friend as well, next on my list to visit for sure.

#thealliance #witness

:D Awesome, thanks for your words! Yes she is amazing artist from here, and a very beautiful person-

Well I only try to do my best for help others, its my life mission, so when I help other I can honored my family members, blessings!

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Es ejemplar tu idea, es totalmente loable y se que lo vas alcanzar !! Saludos mi amigo y me siento super feliz y halagada que eligieras mi dibujo para esta gran idea!!

Amén, gracias por tus buenos deseos! :D si es que realmente tu dibujas hermoso y en especial esta ballena me gustó muchísimo ;)

Well done dude!! You have all the makings of a great well. Good luck on your journey and don't forget about us small fish when you make it!!

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:D Thanks a lot for your words! :D Well I try to do my best ;) lol I dont forget anything :D bless ;)

Nice one! God bless you

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Really thanks a lot :D namaste!

Súper !!!!

graaacias :*