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RE: Ansan Wetlands Park and Sihwa Lake

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Thanks for the shout out to save the natural wetlands and let nature do it's thing!
I was bought up being concerned about the wetlands as a child for my father worked on water conservation for forty years with Ducks Unlimited. I love to see the nature reserves that he was instrumental in creating - one right beside my niece's property making a lovely wetland area by the city full of waterfowl - truly gorgeous landscape!
Thanks for sharing!


I really like Ducks Unlimited. They are doing a lot of great work to not only restore damaged wetlands, but also to keep development from encroaching on wetlands. I read somewhere windmills near wetlands kill a lot of birds. Also windows and cats kill more than hunters ever could. I was surprised when I learned the majority of Ducks Unlimited supporters are hunters. But I guess that makes sense, they want to keep things completely sustainable so they can hunt with their grandchildren. A well-managed wetland will produce a lot of healthy ducks. Conservation is really important and allows moderate use of land by people as long as it is well managed.

Do they have Ducks Unlimited in Korea? I live in Canada and my Dad worked all across Canada. I didn't know it was overseas.

I don't think it's in Korea. But I lived in Ontario for over 20 years and learned about it while there.

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