FLOW & Distraction Economy 🌱 Lessons from Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life - PART 3

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Did you know that every time you get a notification on your phone or computer, it lights up the same part of the brain that would get triggered if a LION was after you!!?

No joke. This may have been the biggest ”WOAH…” moment I had while reading IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

So today, on this rainy Monday morning, a day of the week which most folks write off- we’re going to be talking about FLOW, Focus & Disraction. So- Pop the kettle on friends and settle in for the 3rd installment in this IKIGAI series!

In case you missed it—Here’s The Plan…

Because there’s so much awesomeness to be absorbed I thought we’d split this up into 4 posts. They are as follows (unless I have a better idea and decide to ditch the format for something else… I’M A CREATIVE DAMNIT DON’T BOX ME IN!”)

This series is in no way meant to deter you from reading the book yourself. — I’d HIGHLY recommend grabbing it, cracking open a new notebook for your thoughts and giving it a read over the course of a week or so. You won’t regret it!

FLOW & Distraction Economy

Here’s the deal. No matter how good of a multitasker you think you are, you just ain’t. The brain is only capable of thinking about one thing at a time. What you’re doing when you toggle multiple activities or thought processes is just that- you’re rapidly switching between tasks. Which means you’ll make more mistakes, waste time, and remember less of what you’ve done.

I’m sorry, but as much as we like to think we have parallel processing chips, we just don’t. Let’s all take a moment to get over our respective egos about this fact before we move on. Say it with me...

"I am not a dual core processing super computer. I can do one thing at a time and that’s ok because most dogs think I’m pretty great."

Feel better?— I know I do...


And yes, it’s true the brain associates the PING of an email or cell phone notification with the threat of a possible predator. A thing that says ”HEY THIS NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION! LIKE — NOW!!” Throws your body and mind into a fight of flight response state, increasing heart rate, adrenaline and cortisol levels, enabling the body to jump into action. Except this is 2018, and so it’s only your phone alerting you to the fact that someone posted a gym selfie on instagram.

Now take that entire process and repeat it about 150 times a day. No wonder we can’t chill out and have a hard time focusing! My big recommendation, Do Not Disturb mode is your new best friend. Tell your devices to leave you alone. If it helps you feel better, there are contacts you can clear from Do Not Disturb so that you can still be reached in the case of an emergency. But the fewer folks on that list the better.

Now The Fun Part, FLOW!

In the book, FLOW is described as the moment at which you are so deeply engaged in what you are doing that you become completely a part of it…

”There is no future, no past, there is only present… your conscious mind and body are united as a single entity you are completely immersed in the experience, not thinking about or distracted by anything else. Your ego dissolves and you become a part of what you are doing.”

Flow feels GOOD. SO DAMN GOOD. You know exactly what that moment feels like, when you’re doing something you love, it’s challenging but not discouraging, you feel a mastery over what you are doing, and you feel like you’re really achieving your life’s purpose by expressing yourself in that way.

It’s why FLOW is such a big part of finding your IKIGAI because it acts as your due north. It points you toward chasing the things in life that really set your soul on fire, that reason to get out of bed in the morning, that thing that you could do for HOURS while feeling like it’s only been a few minutes. That’s your IKIGAI friends, and when you’re living it you’re FLOW-IN all over the place.

You probably have a few things in mind that are pertinent for your own life as you read this post. Write them down! In the next and final post, I’m going to share the things that put me into a state of Flow, that are helping me narrow down what my own IKIGAI is- and I hope you share yours with me as well!

Things that help to find your FLOW

Coffee Talk: To FLOW or NOT to FLOW- What helps you focus?

What tips and tricks do you have to get into that deep state of focus & FLOW- let me know in the comment’s below and I’ll update this post in the next 7 days with your suggestions (and credit of course)!


Until Next Time Friends!
<3 Dayleeo

Want More IKIGAI in your IKI-LIFE!?


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you got it sir mouser! <3

Bruce Lee, one of the greatest philosophers that ever lived

100% agree

Oh I have to read up on the previous posts! Tough I've heard of IKIGAI before - I haven't read the book.
I received 3 Facebook notifications while reading this post. Ugh...
The only thing that works for me is leave my house and work in a cafe that doesn't have internet.

that exact strategy is actually suggested in the book! i have to do-not-disturb like 60% of my day or else I'm a mess, and exhausted by the end of the day :)

love that tip btw- updating the post now!

It is interesting how that response to the message alert is tied in with fight or flight. Of course in people knew in general how most of what makes up our modern western world was first discovered in the psychology lag then tested in the science lab before becoming the 'new thing' they might be less controlled. But, there are too many well placed and planned distractions. I keep my phone off or on silent and away from me most of the day. I have multiple tabs open for the various way I work, but they are hidden and I am only viewing one at a time. I use a large single screen for that. I always have a pot of tea to take momentary breaks to think, ponder, look out the window. the importance of quiet and stillness is not one most westerners get, but it's an amazing tool and a wonderful place to dwell. Keep up these posts!

Love that, it took me a long time to learn my little setup for optimized concentration, and I'm always iterating and improving, I'm afraid our work is never done where that's concerned :)

This is too awesome not to resteem!!! Thank you @dayleeo for this. I'm late to the series but will be catching up. Right up my ally. I am on the path of Self Mastery...that's my Ikigai :) I'm feeling this!!! Cheers!!!

What a lovely comment! Best wishes on your quest to find your IKIGAI and thank you for the resteem!- I'm looking forward to sharing mine next week :) You guys have all been so supportive!

Thanks for this post. I always love finding new books to read. Reading itself is one of those arts which has been lost in the multi task world. To easy to just read snippets here and there all the time. Patience and focus seem to be way down the list of prioroties. Sad the school system seems to be going the same way. I will check out IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life for sure.

I hope you enjoy it! We really did :)

"A reason to get up in the morning". It´s curious to read that after hear my best friend saying life is better alone. I know happiness is relative thing but i feel life is so much powerfull when you got a purpose, when you live the life feelling the pain of onothe one and make something good to change the reality. Thank you so much for this post. It´s was very inspirational for me. I am your new follower. Please share more posts like this. Have a happy day.

Thanks for such a lovely comment and thanks for following @floresha!

I'm glad I could help- If you have the chance I'd so recommend this book, checking your blog out now <3

I go for a walk on the beach every day. It helps me centre myself. Drink plenty of water and green tea during the day. I have stopped trying to multitask. I was burning out! Go with the flow. The best advice yet!

sorry for missing this comment @cecicastor ! If i lived near the beach that would be exactly my plan as well- lucky ! <3

great, thank you. I accidentally found this article on google. amazing :)

wow how cool! thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed my musings on igikai @loretapi

Ugh this is so great! :) I'm definitely going to have to read this book.

I love that you included having a cup of tea. I'm one for coffee or the occasional cocktail to get the creative juices flowing, but green tea is certainly the healthier choice.

right. I feel like, as much as i LOVE coffee for the taste and the ritual for it, green tea is way more gentler on me, and i usually dont NEED that coffee hit, I just go to it by default- so that first cup rule is just a way of easing into the day,

if I dont need anymore caffiene I dont go there, if not, bring on the coffee!!!- but at least I give myself the chance lol.

hey this is beautiful post thank you

thanks very much!