Graduation Day and SENIOR WEEK PLAY! 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓

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It feels AMAZING...

...when trainees don't want to graduate, because they want to extend their time with us! As Steempeers, @eveningart, @saffisara, @bluefinstudios, and I all know how fast each week flies. However, it is always a surprise to our trainees that the 7 days are over so fast! We had a GREAT time with you this week @blind-spot an @priyanarc!!!

But just like we said last night (or actually early in the morning for me! haha) - we aren't going anywhere! We are always available and now you're part of the Tribe! As we told @juliamulcahy last week - go off to see the world, but don't forget to be home by 7 for dinner around the WW table ! 😊 It's how we truly feel. This is your home now. ❤️

And is it that time again so fast?

Super Senior Week!

What do we have in store for all our Graduates this week? ohhhhhhhh just some fun and steem! You know how we do!

First off - we have the silly Patronus post - to get us started! That's open to Graduates and ALL Steemians. But go have fun Grads - make me giggle! Stand out from the crowd and 2 steem might be yours!

Other challenges? Oh... they're coming! so stay tuned grads!!! But let's just say... one might be rather tasty, and I think @crazybgadventure will be liking that one! :)

Amazing banner created by @liberty-minded

Wagon Wheels and Welcome Wagon logo designed by the amazing @penderis


This gif created by the wonderfully artistic @liberty-minded


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Big Congrats to @blind-spot and @priyanarc 👏😉👌 well done!
It's been a pleasure getting to know you guys and I hope we se you around much much much 😁 as we will miss you.
But we are all family and we are always here for you and hope you come and say hi to us so we all can stop crying 😭😭😭 he hehe...
Much Love to you guys and good luck! ❤️🤗❤️


there is no missing gonna happen :D coz me no go no where masta! I have built a bonding with the entire group and look forward to making many more pleasant memories!

I am honored to have had the chance to experience such a friendly and helpful community. I have learnt a lot and the times WE spent together is irreplaceable. Thank you so much for taking me in as a trainee!


We are honored to have had the chance to get to know you and se you grow... You are such a great person and funny 😉 thank you for staying with us and you won't get rid of us in a LOOOONG time.... Lol
Ww is a great family and I'm honored to be a part of it too... Meeting so many amazing people ❤️

I am so so grateful and honored that @welcomewagon gave me the opportunity to learn more about steemit.. i was actually blind about lots of things... well i must say @dreemsteem, @eveningart, @bluefinstudios and @saffisara they were true guidence... i don't know how many times i have bothered them with so many stupid questions... well you guys are now my family and no one can stay away without their family... love you guys ... thanks for standing beside me all the time.


We are just as grateful to have gotten to know you sweetie 😊 and you are doing great.. And hey... No questions are stupid.. We have all been new and know how comfusing it could be.
Ww is a great family and congrats on graduating 👏 just know we are Always here for you and are not going anywhere... We're family ❤️ much love!

Congratulations @blind-spot and @priyanarc !!! You made it out! 😜🤣

I am sorry i have not known you that well, I have been MIA from the WW house or from Steemiverse rather. Life has been interrupting a lot.. hahaha.. Anyhow, I hope to get to know you better in the coming days!


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We have all been there sweetie and I just been a Little Mia myself... But now I'm back to stay 🤗 lol you are amazing my sister.. Much love ❤️😍

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