Welcome To Steemit! A Quick Start Guide For New Members

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I care for new members, therefore I copy/paste from the public link to help EVERYBODY in our community and I also needed to write this post for myself as a reminder. 

“A smile is the universal welcome”― Max Eastman, The Sense of Humor


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THANKS TO @timcliff to post this much needed "Welcome to Steemit " link, I just saw today, info I never read before except in the White Paper at the very beginning. 

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STEEMMAG, my personal favourite source of information 

I wish that @steemmag, I enjoy reading from day 1 picks up the "WELCOME & Keep Them Newbies" topic and spread maybe more detailed information and interviews again like the one 8 months ago. 

I really needed to read up again who this controversial member @smooth / whale is. Great Interview !

Who are the Whales ?  

Here You can find the List on www.steemwhales.com 

The Experiment and my thoughts 

I am not angry at anybody for being flagged in those last days but some who don't understand the reason behind, such so called well meant moves should be implamented and communicated beforehand. Staying angry doesn't help at all, especially in a community with distributed power. We need to build bridges and that is impossible to be angry as @edje said. 

Thats my whole point why I am writing this article. 

Down voting is an act of "UN-Kindness". 

There’s Nothing More Important Than Kindness - Lessons To Learn, Inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz

image source : SteemMag – Steemit’s Weekend Digest #1: An Exclusive Interview With A Whale ….and This Week On Steemit

Fun with Flagging by @gtg , one of the witnesses I voted for.

We need A proper Steemit Help & Newsfeed !!!! 

Your thoughts on this ? 

Real News , NO Fake News! 

Image Source by @stephenkendal Thank you for this article!

Here we go >>>

My partly Copy/Paste job from https://steemit.com/welcome

Welcome to Steemit!

Come for the rewards, stay for the community.

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Quick Start Guide

Cost to Participate

It is free to post, comment, or upvote all content on Steemit.com. You might even get paid for it!

Welcome Page

To return to this page at any time, click on the "Welcome" link in the main menu in the upper right corner.


Upvotes are Steemit's way of saying you like someone's post or comment.

To upvote, click on the  Upvote icon at the bottom of the comment/post.


When you are first starting out, commenting on other people's posts can be a great way to get involved and connect with people!

To comment on a post, or reply to an existing comment, click on the "Reply" link at the bottom of the post/comment.

Creating Posts

To create a post, click on the "Submit a Story" link in the upper right corner.

Posts have three main parts: Title, Content, Tags.

You will want to make your title attention grabbing, and relevant to your content.

To create your content, you can either use "Editor" or "Markdown" mode.

There are several guides for creating posts in the "Helpful Posts from Steemit Users" section below.


Tags will help people find your posts.

Each post can have up to five tags, separated by spaces.

The first tag in the list will be the main category that the post is in.

The tags should all be relevant to the content in the post.

You can browse content by tags, as well as see a list of popular tags that other users have used in their posts here.

Followers and Feeds

To follow an author, click on their username and click the "Follow" button.

Once you follow someone, all of their posts will show up in your "Feed" on the homepage when you login.

As other Steemians come across your posts and comments, you will start to gain followers.

You can see all of your followers and the people you are following in your profile page.


If you want to share someone else's post with all of your followers, click on the resteem icon.

Digital Currencies

STEEM, Steem Power and Steem Dollars are the three forms of digital currency used by the Steem Blockchain.

More information on the three types of tokens can be found in the Steemit FAQ.


Up to 25% of the reward for posts goes to the people who voted on it. These people are called curators.

The more Steem Power you have in your account, the more your upvotes will be worth, and the more potential curation rewards you can earn!


There were two payment periods for posts. The first was roughly 24-48 hours, and the second is roughly 30 days. This will be changed to a 7 day period for the first payout.

All comments are paid out 7 days after creation and there is no longer a second payout window.

The payments may fluctuate (up and down) until the final payment is reached.

Payments for posts are split between the author (at least 75%) and the curators (up to 25%).

The author reward is paid 50% in Steem Power, and 50% in liquid STEEM/SBD.

Authors also have the option to decline payout, or be paid in 100% Steem Power!

Home, New, Hot, Trending, Promoted, and Active

These are various ways to sort blog posts.

Home - Most recent posts of the people you follow (your feed).

New - Posts are sorted by the time posted, newest first.

Hot - Popular posts at the moment.

Trending - Posts with the highest pending rewards currently.

Promoted - Listings that are boosted by Steem Dollar payments get "Promoted" for greater visibility.

Active - Most recent posts with edits or comments.


Feed - Here is where you go to see the most recent posts from the people you follow.

Blog - Here is where you go to see all of your posts and resteems.

Comments - Here is where you go to see all of the comments you have made to other's posts and comments.

Replies - Here is where you go to see all replies other users have made to your posts and comments.

Wallet - Here is where you go to see your wallet balances, make transfers, exchange STEEM/SBD, and Power Up.

Change Password - Here is where you go to change your password.

Settings - Here is where you go to update your settings.

Logout - Here is where you go to logout.


A reputation score is one way Steemit measures the amount of value you have brought to the community.

The higher the number, the more weighted votes an account has earned.

All new users start at 25.

Your reputation will go up as you earn upvotes for your posts and comments, but it can come down if they are flagged.

Cashing out or Spending SBD

You can spend your SBD at the Peerhub Store.

You can exchange your STEEM and SBD for bitcoin on an exchange such as BlockTrades, Poloniex, and Bittrex.

You can also "Power Up" and use your STEEM/SBD to gain more Steem Power!


The community is looking for you to add your own personal touch to your articles.

Plagiarizing, that is posting someone else's work as if it were your own, is very frowned upon by the Steemit community.

If you are using anyone else's material as part of your posts (including images) - please cite your sources.

Also, make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws if you are using someone else's material/images. Limited, sourced material sharing is OK under fair use and fair dealing doctrines.

Password Security

Your Steemit account is worth real money. Treat your Steemit password like you would your bank password, and keep it secure!

Unless your password was recently changed and you possess the old one, there is no password recovery for Steem accounts. You are 100% responsible for having it backed up. This means secure digital backups, as well as secured paper backups, off-site if possible.

Earning on Steemit

The best attitude to have is to expect to make nothing. Have fun. Get engaged. Make friends. If along the way you earn something - bonus!

It is possible to earn thousands of dollars, but most authors who are doing this have put in a lot of time and work to contribute to the community and build followings.

To Do List

1. Backup your password

Unlike centralized web services, the Steem Blockchain has no account password recovery.

You are entirely responsible for keeping your password, and keeping it secure.

Save your master key and keep it somewhere safe.

It is strongly recommended that you store an offline copy of your password somewhere safe in case of a hard drive failure or other calamity. Consider digital offline storage, such as a flash drive or burned CD, as well as printed paper. Use a safe deposit box for best redundancy.

If your account is valuable, treat it like a valuable!

2. Sign Up for Steemit Chat

A lot of users hang out and chat when they are not posting or browsing Steemit. It is a great place to meet people!

There is a link to sign up in the main menu in the upper right corner.

Your steemit.chat account is a separate account from your Steem account.

Some channels allow you to share links, but others don't. For instance, general is for discussion without link promotion, while postpromotion is for promoting your Steemit posts.

Each channel will have its rules posted in the "Info" section.

3. Setup your Profile and Avatar

Under your user settings, you can update your profile. This includes your display name, location, about info, and website.

To set your avatar image, type or paste a link to the URL where the image is located into the "Profile Picture URL" field.

Once you have made all your changes, click the "Update" button to save your profile.

4. Chose your "NSFW" (Not Safe for Work) Display Preference

By default, content that users have tagged as "NSFW" will be hidden, but a link will be shown to reveal the content.

You can update your display preference so that NSFW content is always shown by default, or is completely hidden with no option to reveal.

5. Create your "introduceyourself" post

While not required, the tradition for new users is to create an "introduceyourself" post, to let the community know who you are.

You can see some examples of what other people have done here.

It is not required, but a lot of users will take a picture of themselves holding up a piece of paper that says "Steemit" with the current date, so we know you are a real person.

It is not required either, but if you have other social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you can help the community verify that you are who you say you are, by sharing the link to your Steemit introduceyourself post with those accounts. If you are claiming to be someone famous, this is pretty much expected.

Helpful Posts from Steemit Users 

Please read updates HERE ! 

@ned - Ned Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of Steemit

@steemitblog - Official Steemit Announcements

Third Party References

Peerhub, BlockTrades, Poloniex, Bittrex, Steemit Chat, Steemit Help, Steemprentice, as well as the tools listed under "Other Resources" are third party applications/services, and are not owned or maintained by Steemit, Inc. Their listing here does not constitute and endorsement or recommendation on behalf of Steemit, Inc.

All of the links in the "Helpful Posts from Steemit Users" section were created by our users and do not necessarily represent the views of Steemit, Inc. or its management.

Please use the third party tools and content at your own risk.

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My personal suggestion 

Find helpful resources and valuable tips yourself in various steemit posts written by members. There are many good ones I have learnt from!

“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.” ― Bram Stoker, Dracula

Useful STEEMIT TOOLS and LINKS"- It is a collection of very useful links written by @edje

Happy Steeming! 



PS : I power up since day 1 

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Thanks for the article @mammasitta! I'm new to Steemit and it helped a lot. Going to write my introducing article now :)


I totally forgot about this article but si Happy for your comment! Welcome to the Steemit House :) I wish you lots of great Times. Feel free to ask anything you need to know 🍀🍀🍀


Yeah, I found it through the Google search :D
Thank you, I will ask you, if there is something I can't understand or need help at! :)

Fantastic post. Very well put together and extremely useful for newcomers that want to learn more about Steemit.


so glad to hear I did the right thing . Thanks much @exyle

Very timely post. It should be way up there in the trending!


Yes Indeed! I had to throw this onto the steemit matrix.
I wonder who downflags me now . Let my personal experiment begin @mindhunter :) whats good or bad

Thanks Mama, New to Steemit and trying to learn and understand. The review was very well presented. Best to you.


You just got a new follower! Interaction with all members is the key of success here. Build your own network, don't pay too much attention to the politics on the platform. Just enjoy our awesome people here and interact. Steem on !
Feel free to ask anything you like to know , anytime!
I enjoy to see happy people here. You are very welcome !


Thank you mamma. god bless.

Up voted and following!


same same same :)

A flag wil lower your reputation?


Very valid and good question I do not have an answer but lets ask @smooth @abit and @timcliff


Btw great post ..Follow you now


Thanks so so so much

This is due to change in a few days...

There are two payment periods for posts. The first is roughly 24-48 hours, and the second is roughly 30 days.

It will be a 7 day period for the first payout.


I just read this from @anyx Thoughts @htooms ?

All comments are paid out 7 days after creation and there is no longer a second payout window.
I don't quite like the 7 days for the reward. It's simply too long for the average user to understand what is happening: People have short attention spans, and the volatility of reward is incredibly confusing to new users (Post valuation changing over time -- although one remedy to this solution is to only show users received RSHARES, and not the value in dollars. This would be a huge flip in UI and marketing however, as people are currently used to seeing $$$ values.). However, it is also incredibly hard to reconcile the "ability for old posts to go viral and recieve engagement", as I just mentioned, as well as the original post being rewarded. From a consensus point of view, there is no way to be able to continuously vote on content (this would balloon the amount of data to keep track of, forever). We need to think of a better way to, a) reward users promptly, and b) reward users for old posts that either get refined or go viral. Consider the welcome guide to Steemit: further rewards to the writer would be nice, as would the ability to modify and edit as steemit changes, and finally comment on the post like any other blog post. However, it is hard to reconcile a) and b) together, and I unfortunately do not have a solution.



Yeah. I had read that post. As an investor, I read the new rules as if my mortgage contract were changing.

"The 7 days for the reward.... the volatility of reward is incredibly confusing to new users"

The recent flags on them was more confusing. I went to war behind the scenes in defense of confused users. If you make an edit to the beautiful post you made for new users, then there should be no confusion at all. It may be a good thing to allow a week for a great post to die down, then one nice chunk of money paid out all at one time.

I really do hope they keep the dollar valuation as a gauge for how well a new post is doing.

As with our recent experiment, we will have to see what this new version brings. It's hard to visualize it by reading the description. The team has done very well in the development of Steemit, and I trust it will be wonderful.


I am happy to read about your very positive feedback about the team. I was lucky enough to meet many in person for the first @steemfest. I trust them! Oh well, I wish to believe them:)

I had no idea that you are an investor but I realised that you helped a few people.

I don't really care much about those flags and make a bit of fun about the mean gestures but I really worry for the new users who need help to understand better.

I actually like the outcome so far. Something must work because the trending page looks so much more fair.

Do you have any idea where to find the proper payout info or should I wait for the HF? I would like to edit this info here.

Thats what I wrote now

There were two payment periods for posts. The first was roughly 24-48 hours, and the second is roughly 30 days. This will be changed to a 7 day period for the first payout


It changes on Tuesday - so you should still be able to edit your post just before then. I have high hopes for our HF - trying to manage a lot of trades as I prepare to be the owner of many BTC and BTU if/when that forks. What will I do with all those #rogercoins ? @bitcoinmeister
You can find me on Discord - here is an invitation to steemspeak 📞


I fixed it ! Sorry for my delayed reply but I try to enjoy my free weekend a little. Lets spend them together haha !
I have no clue about trading but so anxious to learn. I join on discord . Really nice meeting you.


Thanks much for this information @htooms

This is a great how- to for beginners. Back in the day you had to figure out by yourself some things. Read a lot of posts, to add all the pieces together.


I do remember those sleep less night reading and putting pits and pieces together myself.
Its our , older members responsibility to help newcomers. Right?

Great post, started today and was searching for posts like these :)


so so glad to hear! You got a new follower. Keep on reading many good articles from the past and open the Guide link for helpful posts you can read. Nice to meet you

Very helpful, Thanks for posting.


RockNRoll ! I just followed you. Glad to see a music man here :)


Thanks for following. I write a new music review most every Saturday for my blog, phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com and share it here. 99% of it is blues or blues-rock.


Goooood....and niiiice, you make newbie enjoy and stay in steemit community. :)


My personal happy approach and intention to do so .


Happiness and intention - I like that ;)


You got It ! That was my intention :)


Maybe your Steemit username should have been @happyintention :)


This was such an amazing blog post. Thank you, @mammasitta!



Much much much appreciated! Nice to meet you

Oh Dear ....
Welcome your down vote again @smooth bot operator!

I really wish that your plans work out for the good.

Time for Sade

Super post! Added it to the "Useful STEEMIT TOOLS and LINKS" post


Check out trending page with @thecryptofiend article. Thats for your tools page.
Here is my newest short post of thoughts Bad VS Good


I've already added the post by @thecryptofiend, thank you for informing anyway :) I'll read you newest post!

comment by @edje I copy/paste here as well

For newbies: you may also refer them to this link "Useful STEEMIT TOOLS and LINKS", a collection of very useful links

The etiquette guide by @thecryptofriend

The help pages
and a whole set of Steemit tools created by the community

I'm gonna update the link with some of the new posts I've seen which will help newbies as well to quicker understand Steemit and to navigate through the various services.

It is amazing how much you have fitted in here!


I am not a technical person, I like it simple and happy, especially easy to understand
As I said, I am always drowning as many others do as well.

PS : I am NOT complaining


I need to add this fantastic link @thecryptofiend wrote and hit on the trending page after only 4 hours!

Great Info and you better send it to all your non steemit friends.


I've upvoted. I'll read it later. Thanks.


That's very kind of you

Good information thank you.!!

Well done, @mammasitta ! It's really useful to remind us to take care of the newbies. I remember the first time that I posted here (ok, only 2 months ago ^_^) and the positive feeling to read the "welcome" comments from the members !