Steemit Profile Picture How To - A simple guide for Steemit

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Steps For a Great Experience on Steemit

Before you comment or make a post make sure you at least have a profile picture.

Some Steemit accounts have been active for months and still have no Profile Picture.

Here are the Steps to Upload a Profile Picture and or Cover Image to your Steemit account.

  • Step 1. Click your circle icon of your account on the top right corner

  • Step 2. Click Settings

  • Step 4 Click Choose Image and Upload your desired image

  • Step 5 Copy the second link titled "Direct Link"

  • Step 6 Go back to tab from Step 2 Paste your Direct Link into either Cover Image URL or Profile Picture URL. Scroll to the Bottom and Click Update.


Not having a profile image not only looks bad on your comments but can make your account look unofficial.


To maximize your experience on steemit, you'll want to use the chat feature.


Here you can ask questions and interact with users in more personal ways without leaving public comments on posts.

Chat Etiquette

It is important to note, that you should not go to these chats asking people to look at your posts, or asking for follows. This is not a good way to make friends. It's OK to ask a friend to review your post, but you have to make the friend, first. If they think you are in chat just to beg, and not make friends, you will not get far.
Unless you are just posting in #postpromotion

Verification Introduce Myself/Yourself Post

Being that this is a semi-anonymous group, and there is currency involved, there are many people who come thinking they can scam this community. Because of this, many may be mistrusting when you post images that claim to be You. If you don't post any images of yourself, and don't claim to be anyone famous, then you are not required to use a verification photo.

But You Should

However, posts with this verification image in one of the introduction categories such as #introducemyself, or #introduceyourself, tend to be the highest paid introductory posts. There are many people who are just looking for these verification posts so they can give your blog a nice upvote knowing you are a real person.

Verification Photo

A nicely handmade sign that says "hello steemit" with your username and the date, with you holding the sign. It's nice to take a few, so we can see that it's real by how the paper moves, unlike the photoshop versions.

If you make a post like this, you are likely to get a warmer welcome. However, this is not necessary. If you don't want to share your image, that is okay too.


Besides finding a place to chat with other steemians, is to browse the steemit trending section. See what this community has to offer. What are people already writing about? Who is writing about things that are interesting to you? What content is getting the highest attention?

  • Dont Spam

While browsing, you can leave nice comments on people's posts. Do Not post "Follow For Follow", or similar content this is not a good look.

Better to comment about what you liked in the post. This will gain you followers, and friends and avoid getting you flagged.

Front Ends

These can all be helpful if steemit isn't working.

  • Esteem Mobile App


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Too bad I wasn't able to read this when i was still getting the hang of steemit. A lot of people did help me go along with the whole peocess, though. I appreciate people like you who help minnows like me. Will surely save posts like these for the friends I invite into steemit. 😀

thanks for ur great info

Welcome to Steem @isteemithard. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)


dont spam if you read this article or saw my profile you would see that I am not new and this post is to help those that are to help get started you should comment with relative info to a post

In the Front Ends section, you missed the all important

It belongs to the MinnowSupportProject and helps noobs get a few extra votes @minnowsupport

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Sorry the post I was responding to by @inquiringtimes said "Feel free to copy any part of Welcome to Steemit. A Simple Guide to Getting Started as a Steem Blogger, or any of the other articles which I have written." So I figured feel free to copy any part gave me digression, I tried to make it as simple and condense as possible because When I first started I would start skimming if the post was too long. So I will prefer to just leave it as is but you are more than welcome to add this info to your version on your post.

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Finally got my profile picture up thanks to you! 👻