Growing Number of People Skipping The Doctor And Turning To CBD For Healing

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Cbd oil is being increasingly used by people in a number of regions for a myriad of illnesses.

This includes things like pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and even mental illness. It's growing in popularity as a treatment option for pets too.

People have found and reported that cbd has helped them to find healing from seziures, skin issues, migraines, joint pain, and much more. Because of the surge in interest for cbd it's now grown into a multi-billion market, estimated to reach $20 billion by as early as 2024. Whether it's in lotions, vapes, gummies, or oils etc, millions of people continue to fuel strong demand for cannabidiol or cbd oil.

Many doctors have warned against the dangers of turning to cannabis and cbd for treatment, suggesting that it isn't safe to engage in such self-medication. They caution that more research is needed before people should feel safe taking cbd oil for a range of ailments. It's got some psychiatrists "very worried" because they have found many people admitting these days that they are opting for cbd oil instead of going to the doctor for other potential treatments, which reseachers say have been proven to help different mental health conditions and diseases etc. In their eyes, the people who are using cbd aren't being treated at all.

Over the years, many people have faced unjustified obstacles when trying to medicate with cannabis or cbd oil.

There are incredible recovery stories of many individuals finding healing from the cannabis plant when there was nothing else that was working for them. Some children and other individuals who've used cbd oil to treat seizures, have gone from experiencing hundreds of seizures every week to only a handful, or sometimes none at all. And for those who are looking for some comfort from their suffering, they should have free access to this plant; it should be a persons right to consume cannabis if they choose to and it's wrong for governments to infringe upon that freedom or restrict it in any way.

Various studies have found that those taking cannabis or cbd have reported a drastic improvement to their quality of life and a meaningful reduction in pain and other symptoms.

Some of the common adverse effects are said to be dizziness and dry mouth though these experiences have been reported to be generally mild and able to be solved by adjusting the dosage.

For many people who don't want to take drugs that might not be helpful to them, or that could be greatly damaging to their body, it's important that they have the freedom to explore alternative options that could bring them a solution. And cbd oil, along with cannabis in general, is just that, a potential natural solution to their problem.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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It might be because it works and costs next to nothing. 😄

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More importantly it is a natural substance that can't be patented.
Hard to make a fortune on a medicine the anyone can grow in their backyard.
Not to mention the fact that it cures things, something the medical industrial complex is very NOT interested in.

Your going to see a concerted attack on hemp from several different industries.
The doctors are going to demonize it due to the fact that it will take their THREE TRILLION dollar a year criminal industry and turn it on it's head.
Hemp and it's extracts can replace over half( more like 75%) of the snake oil they are pushing on people right now with little or no side effects.