Converting Shipping Containers Into Mobile Cannabis Lounges

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There is a company known as HTBX International which has been working on transforming old shipping containers into mobile cannabis lounge spaces.

In Denver, Colorado, they will be unveiling their new service this week during a popular street art festival, Crush Walls. The cannabis lounges that they create are able to comfortably fit up to 12 people at a time. It provides them with a safe and relaxing space where they can consume cannabis in peace, and for many people these days who do use cannabis they are no doubt looking for such a solution. Not everyone lives in a place where it is easy to consume. As well, it's a great idea to add another service to cannabis-events and other festivals etc, offering a designated medicating spot.

Visitors are supposed to bring their own cannabis but the cannabis lounge will provide lighters for sale and rolling papers if you need it.

There could be a great demand for mobile hot boxes and since we do already see demand for a large party bus market for example, it's only fitting that demand would rise similarly for something in the cannabis space.

For different cannabis events where open public consumption might still be banned, this could be a viable solution to that problem, giving people a new way to medicate where they didn't have one before.

And it's a great way to recycle old shipping containers which are increasingly being turned into homes and office spaces today.

Those behind the HTBX International cannabis lounge project have essentially developed a patent-pending process for the business, specifically relating to how the container opens and closes so that it effectively meets Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act guidelines.

"It's essentially a public consumption kiosk that's not visible to the public." - John McCaskill, founder HTBX

They studied the average time that cannabis smokers will usually engage in a blaze session and it's allegedly 15 minutes on average. They don't expect that people will be spending hours in the lounges, the design is more built for speed, though they obviously wouldn't want people to feel rushed.



Sounds like a fun concept. I can see these hotbox spot getting some good use.

only 15 min? not so much.. I supposed it to be longer

i was surprised on that too!

Will be interesting to see how this catches on. I can see this being staked out by police (like bars at closing time) to nail people driving under the influence.

I would think something set up more like a star bucks or cigar lounge would do better.

And what will they do when there are no abundance of containers left?

i would imagine there isn't much chance of that happening. The shipping industry retires these things on a regular basis and they end up being used for a ton of things. I've seen some pretty awesome houses and businesses built out of containers that were deemed "too old" to be used in the shipping industry.

But if they did run out i would bet they would just make more of them :P

I see a lot of paths that lead to them running out.

Like the moving of manufacturing from China, to the new, cheapest labor nation, The US.

And, for the quantity of materials in a shipping container, i can build a much better living space then the 8' wide boxes. So, if they weren't being thrown out anymore, it would be better to build what you want instead of trying to fit into a cramped space.

obviously building your own house is going to be nicer, but it is a question of economics. I've seen some nice houses made out of these things :)

i comprehend what you are saying. That, yes, many people have done some fabulous projects with storage containers.

However, if they weren't being dumped on the market as trash, then the economic situation reverses.

Buying a new shipping container to turn into a house is pricey.
And if i had just the raw materials, building a container first, and then converting it into a house would be silly.

And what will they do
When there are no abundance
Of containers left?

                 - builderofcastles

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