i would imagine there isn't much chance of that happening. The shipping industry retires these things on a regular basis and they end up being used for a ton of things. I've seen some pretty awesome houses and businesses built out of containers that were deemed "too old" to be used in the shipping industry.

But if they did run out i would bet they would just make more of them :P

I see a lot of paths that lead to them running out.

Like the moving of manufacturing from China, to the new, cheapest labor nation, The US.

And, for the quantity of materials in a shipping container, i can build a much better living space then the 8' wide boxes. So, if they weren't being thrown out anymore, it would be better to build what you want instead of trying to fit into a cramped space.

obviously building your own house is going to be nicer, but it is a question of economics. I've seen some nice houses made out of these things :)

i comprehend what you are saying. That, yes, many people have done some fabulous projects with storage containers.

However, if they weren't being dumped on the market as trash, then the economic situation reverses.

Buying a new shipping container to turn into a house is pricey.
And if i had just the raw materials, building a container first, and then converting it into a house would be silly.

And what will they do
When there are no abundance
Of containers left?

                 - builderofcastles

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