Wednesday Walk- Ornamental Pear Tree From Summer to Winter

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Hi everyone! This is a combination of six Wednesday Walks to show you the changes of a flowering Pear tree from summer to winter.

Here is what the ornamental pear tree looks like in the summer, full of glossy green leaves.

It has many fruits that look similar to miniature pears and are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. People can't eat them but the birds love them, especially during the winter.

By mid November, many of the leaves had changed colors.

The fruits changed from brown, to tan and orange colors.

One week later, there a only a few green leaves left. Some ornamental pear tree leaves turn red, but this one only changes to a bronze color.

Another week had passed and many leaves have fallen off, revealing a large squirrel's nest at the top of the tree.

Ten more days passed and the tree was almost bare, leaving a few stragglers.

This last photo was taken yesterday. The squirrel's nest even lost some leaves. From the time the leaves were beginning to turn colors in autumn to a bare tree in the winter, two months had passed. I am looking forward to spring so I can show you the abundance of beautiful white blossoms.

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All photos are my own.


That best is very big! There must be a big family!!
The autumn leaves are very dramatic!

I read that squirrels usually have 5 babies so that might be why is its so big.
Dramatic is a great word for the autumn leaves. : )

You made a wonderful photo tour!

Thanks so much @zirochka! Glad you liked it and thanks for the beer! : )

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I am most impressed with your patience
That you took the pics and waited to show us how it changes over time
Loved it 😊

Thanks so much @kaerpedium! I am glad that you liked it and thanks for stopping by! : )

What a cool idea of a walk post isnt it amazing how much a tree can change through the seasons

thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

I am glad you liked it. I hibernate in the winter so I don't have any more walks left until spring. : (

On the colder days here and its not as bad as many place I too feel like hibernating

As I promised, a little present from the PhotoChain Challenge

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Thanks so much! : )

Amazing tree! It's great to see its life from Summer to Winter. Very interesting information and beautiful photos! The last photo is my most favorite. I know you know why..... ;D

p.s. If you didn't tell us that this is squirrel's nest, I may think it's bird's nest. I have never seen squirrel's nest before. This is very large. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Hi sis! I am glad you could experience the changes of the the seasons here through my photos. I knew you would love the last photo because of the clouds. Speaking of clouds...did you see the weekly "Love the Clouds" Contest by @tobetada? You will love all of the cloud photos posted there and I am definitely going to enter. Remember the cloud in the shape of an arrow that I was telling you about? That is just one that I will post.

I am also glad to hear that I showed you your first squirrel's nest. Thanks so much for all of your kind words sis! Many Hugs!

I am so sorry for this late reply but I had a 4 day migraine from hell.

Oh! So sorry to know that you had "a 4 day migraine" Hope you get well very soon, my dear sis!

It's great that there are cloud photos in the "Love the Clouds" Contest. I look forward to seeing your photo of the cloud in arrow shape with much interest.

Take care and have a big rest! A lot of love from me! ;)

Thanks so much sis! It seems like the older I get the longer it takes to recover. Such is life.

I will be posting the arrow cloud this weekend. I knew you were looking forward to seeing it.

Thanks again for your concern and love sis! Infinity love from me to you! : )

You are much welcome!

Please always keep warm and take enough rest. My big hug is always for you, my sis! ;)