For today's #wednesdaywalk challenge - a bloomin' stroll around my yard

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While I was able to jump into the first week of @tattoodjay's Wednesday Walk Challenge, I missed last week for a couple of reasons. One, road trip with hubby to visit a new doc (more on that in a future post). Two, POURING RAIN ALL DAY!

However, what a difference 7 days make! For this week, I decided to stroll around our yard and capture all the bloomin' things that are suddenly everywhere (in marked contrast to my initial post, that showed where things would eventually grow - LOL).

These shots are in the order I took them, earlier today (May 2nd 2018) in my Durham, NH yard.

May 2 Wed Walk 1.JPG
Our landlord's memorial tree (not sure of the variety) is starting to bloom

May 2 Wed Walk 2.JPG
A closeup of the blooms

May 2 Wed Walk 3.JPG
Backlit by the sun

May 2 Wed Walk 4.JPG
REALLY backlit by the sun!

May 2 Wed Walk 5.JPG
The daffodils seemed to explode overnight!

May 2 Wed Walk 6.JPG
I guess spring is truly here

May 2 Wed Walk 7.JPG
The white violets have started popping up...

May 2 Wed Walk 8.JPG have the more traditional violet violets.

May 2 Wed Walk 9.JPG
Totally blanking on what these will eventually bloom into...LOL!

May 2 Wed Walk 10.JPG
And May would not be complete without Mayflowers (aka Trailing Arbutus)

May 2 Wed Walk 11.JPG
The small lilac bush our landlady planted last year is getting ready to bloom

May 2 Wed Walk 12.JPG
More Mayflowers

May 2 Wed Walk 13.JPG
Greenery is popping up everywhere!

May 2 Wed Walk 14.JPG
Our landlady's strawberry patch is growing...

May 2 Wed Walk 15.JPG is our landlord's rhubarb.

May 2 Wed Walk 16.JPG
Hey, can you guess where our septic leech field is? 😂

May 2 Wed Walk 17.JPG
There's even all kinds of greenness growing in the woods.

May 2 Wed Walk 18.JPG
I love that, year after year, a bunch of Solomon's Seal grows on this granite stone.

May 2 Wed Walk 19.JPG
I'm going to try to remember to include this shot each week,
because there's going to be an explosion of color here very soon!


Be sure to visit @tattoodjay's post this week, Wednesday Walk week 3 Downtown Milford for some awesome captures, and more information about this challenge!

Happy Wednesday!


Photo credit: Traci York, taken with my trusty Nikon
Blog graphics: created on Canva

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I Loved this entry for the Wednesday Walk 😎
Isn’t it amazing how things have changed in just a week and the colors are so refreshing



Thanks so much, @tattoodjay, for both the kind words, and the tip. And yes, hard to complain about the dank rainy days when they produce color and growth like this!

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Thanks, @pixresteemer - you're wicked awesomesauce! 💜 📷

It is so great seeing so much life blooming after the crazy snow storms you guys survived!


Agreed, @papacrusher - it was a nice apology present from Mother Nature... LOL!