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The past few weeks have been a bit on the crazy hectic side, so I haven't had the chance to meander down my driveway as of late. However, when I checked through my most recent photos, I realized I'd done a bit of a backyard wander earlier this month, and as November 7th happened to be a Wednesday, I figured it was a sign!

For those not familiar with @tattoodjay's Wednesday Walk Challenge, here's the link to his most recent - Wednesday Walk-its starting to look like Christmas).

Now, on to the pictures!

This year's foliage was a bit meh, thanks to the warm, wet weather. In fact, I took this picture mainly because it had been so long since I'd seen blue sky...lol!

But even the meh color was still brilliant against the sky!

Speaking of rain, I spotted a number of M.O.U.S. (mushrooms of unusual size) all around the yard.

Did I mention the blue sky?

I've tried for years to get a shot of a leaf mid fall. Somehow, I thought it would look a bit better than this... lol!

Or this

This is either some fae enjoying the sunny afternoon, or some pollen lit up by the sun. Bet you can guess what I'm choosing to believe.

I decided to play a bit with my macro lens and some leaves. This one reminds me of a butterfly

Then I moved the leaf the tiniest bit....

...which inspired me to take a zillion more shots like it.

Okay, a zillion and one.

I can't believe that there's still so much green around during the first week of November!

Even the grass still looks green and lush.

And to show what a difference three weeks makes, here's a shot from a couple days ago. While it's not exactly the same spot, this is to the right of the previous shot. Now, a couple of rainy days later, we still have an indecent amount of snow on the ground!

Thanks for stopping by!

Photo credit: Traci York, taken with my trusty Nikon,
and sometimes utilizing my handy dandy tripod
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Hello very nice photos i especially like the macro with the leave and the holes very nice effect:)

That sky 👌🏼

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Love all these shots so beautiful and colorful, this Fall started off with hopes of a beautiful spell, but Winter had other plans

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

I love the leaf pictures! The random shaped holes (i'm guessing from some type of worm or bug) make a cool design on the leaf giving it a bit of extra character! Now with the snow it looks like all the leaves are gone... but luckily snow is beautiful as well! I'm personally ready for winter. I need some snow in my life. lol.

Great photos, @traciyork! Of course I like all the leaf photos better than that last one! *shivers

Beautiful photos! Looked a lot like that out here for a while too, and then we got the snow too. Really loved the close-up shots of the leaves, those were really cool :)

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Isnt fall just beautiful

Good job with those leaves. You show more than the usual amount of patience and care for detail.

You are so funny hahaha
I was laughing right through
Wow!! That's 3 weeks ago?
And just like that....
I was thinking the same thing about your "meh" comment, it's brilliant against the blue sky
And your leaf falling shot hahahaha
I will be looking out for it because I know you are going to get it one of these days :)
Thank you for sharing our walk with us :D

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Something magical about the way the landscape changes isn't it? The beautiful orange colours making for a lovely picture! Great snaps and amazing how the scenery changes in 3 weeks!

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You are a busy girl on the internet. Maybe you can teach me how to set all that up. And then keep it up.
Love the blue skies we haven't had much of that here lately. A few days back we even had a blizzard watch. I prefer when that is just something you eat at Dairy Queen.

I just love that @tattoojay has put this challenge out for us all to participate in. It has enabled us to enjoy some amazing views like this. I really did like how you showed the difference of time in the last two photos.
Thanks so much

Such lovely photos! Love the blue sky and orange leaves together!


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That was a gorgeous post, all the way until the last picture. I feel like you lured me in with yummy candy just to kidnap and torture me at the end.

That blue sky sure was lovely though!

Love these photos @traciyork! Especially the zillion and one :-) I did the same thing today with sunlight shining on some flowers blooming... I have a zillion of them on my phone haha

Snow! So brutal but so pretty to look at!

Hope you're doing well ❤️

I love fall. I wish I got one this year. You captured the colors of the season beautifully.

That white stuff sure can put a damper on things in my opinion. Nice shots of the leaves and sky that for sharing these with the #steemitblogger community.

He clear weather and the beautiful nature makes it more ore BN exquisite to see....lovely photography👍
Love the initiative by JJ. At least be people are actively participating on it

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Beautiful shots @traciyork I think when we take the time to 'play' we can create amazing things. Just like you single leaf, I thought it was cute and of course if you increase the size it would blur the leaf.

Nive macro shots. Wow you received 24 (now 25) comments. You must be posting in Steemit City....I think I post in Steemit Mortuary.
This long crypto bear market may yet shut Steemit down.....