The world of wonder that lives outside your door. Come join me on my Wednesday Walk

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Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE

This was my final shot on my walk today. Just as the sun was setting and the moon was peeking out in the sky, this beautiful scene of a sky so blue, yet filled with puffy clouds, made my night. It was such a beautiful sight to see.

What is Wednesday Walk?

Wednesday Walk is something created by @tattoodjay, who I must say is an amazing photographer. He does this weekly challenge where he encourages people to get outside and walk, even just for a few minutes, and take pictures of their surrounds and then share it (with the tag #wednesdaywalk). You can check out his latest post for this challenge here.

So, let's continue on with a couple of more pictures I captured from today's little walk. I will also include a "bonus" picture at the end of one of my newest critters that hang around my yard.

A wriggling movement

Having a wormy good timeMaking progress to a destination unknown

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Wings help us fly

A special Little Blue Heron SightingA fledgling in a tree, holding on tight

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Not really a fantastic bonus

Hi! Meet me. I am an invasive species. I am known as a Cane toad or Bufo toad.

Do I look impressed to you?I am bigger than I seem (bigger than a softball)

Click images above to see full size pictures.

I could have more to say but in all honesty, this is a bit of a late post for me as it is already Thursday. I got these done a couple hours ago but didn't have time to post until now. I do hope you enjoyed taking a little journey with me outside to see what is right out my door, or close to it.


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That invasive species doest look so invasive to me lol
Somewhere in the world it's called food :D (not saying I am in that somewhere lol

Well, these are also poisonous. See they have these triangular sacs on the side behind their eyes and If they feel treatened they will secret it. It is known to burn the skin and can kill any animal if it has ingested any of it to die quickly (10-15) mins, so it’s not a good thing to have around. It’s actually recommended to kill them but I just can’t do it, so I have chased it away and if that doesn’t work I will catch it and release it far away from houses.

Wow so it's defence is like a suicidal attack? They get eaten to kill the predator? :o
Shouldn't they look a little more delicious for that to work? lol

Oye. That was me. 🙃

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk

Cool shots and great Yo see the Toad that is real big


Thanks for the tip! Yeah the toad is quite big, and it’s generally not scared of people. It didn’t like being sprayed with a hose or scared with a broom though. It can be freaky, but it was cool to take such sharp pictures to actually see it up close.

Too funny...I was apparently logged in on another account I made but didn’t really use, so if it seemed like me replying, it was indeed. 😀

Glossy sweets huh? Gutcha :p

@topkpop LOL thats why I only have one account or I would dot hat all the time

Awesome moon shot! @topkpop It's going to look even more cool Saturday night if you get a chance to look upward. Great seeing you back on Steemit❤

It’s been cloudy, but I will keep a look out tomorrow night to see if I can have a nice look at the moon you mention. The timing was just right for that moon shot and I was kind of surprised it turned out so well, but happy it did 😀

Well it turns out I was logged in on an account I made but have never used, so yeah that other comment was me lol.

You sure surprised me @topkpop. You are a fantastic world of nature around you.

Thanks! I really enjoy taking photos when I get the chance. I love so much of the world around me here in Florida that I do love sharing it.

beautiful photo's and so happy you are still taking your walks on Wednesdays and posting about them!!

Thank you! Yes, I really enjoy the wednesday walks and really love the nature around me. I try to get in on this challenge whenever I can, although with it being wet season it can be a bit harder sometimes with all the storms.

Welcome back, haven’t seen a post from
You in quite some time now my friend. Hope everything is ok.

Everything is good, just haven't taken the time to take too many photos or to sit down and post too much. :)

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