A riverwalk near my new home. Join me on my Wednesday Walk river experience.

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Hello All!

Welcome to my extra special Wednesday Walk this week. Why is it extra special? That's because I am in a new area, a new home to live in, and I live down the street from this huge river that flows through my town. Needless to say, it is beautiful. I love being near water and I love being able to go and enjoy nature. Having this so close to my place (and not have to worry about the gators that will come crawling out) has been quite nice. So, come and join me on my walk along the riverside.

The River


Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens

I happened to catch birds flying all about in what I can only assume was a possible meal time for them. It was great seeing them dip down to the waters and back up again. It is a nice peaceful feeling watching them.


Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE

This river is very large so all my shots today will be showing some of it. As I mentioned, I really do enjoy the water. I may not be close to a real coast at the moment but it doesn't mean I cannot find beautiful freshwater rivers or lakes.

Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE


Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE

The pictures are all so beautiful aren't they? Can you believe it is even more beautiful in person? Of course it is. I will of course still be photographing my walks nearby though as nature here is just so pretty.

By the river side


Taken with Sony a6000 & Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/90 lens - ORIGINAL SIZE

As I promised all of these revolve around the river. This differed a bit by being a pretty flowering plant near the riverside. I think I can get used to this.

I didn't expect to be living here at first. I didn't expect to be in this area. I did not expect to be this close to this river and walking trails and such beside it. This is certainly quite a bit of change in life than what I am used to, but this is most easily one of the biggest perks of it all.

Thanks for walking along with me. Hope you enjoyed the view.

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So cool you live close to the river and such a beautiful spot

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!

It really is! I didn't realize how close we lived until one of our side streets finally opened up as it was under construction.

I hope your getting all settled in and enjoying your new space

Oooooh where could this be 😉

Happy you are here! 💗

A nice town in ontario ;) Getting used to being back.

Always a great feeling to live near to nature...congrats for your new home..👍

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Couldn't agree more. I am such a nature lover.

Thanks 👍....you have a good heart which is just a reflection of nature ....👌

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Welcome home toppy. Sweet pics.

Thanks Ed. Interesting being back, that's for sure. Happy that I live near such beautiful nature though, can't complain a bit 'bout that.

now we have an excuse for a meet up, no, Ed, Jenny? ;-)

Yet we all live in such different places go figure

So cool and natural place. Very nice sharing my friend.

Thank you :) I really do enjoy it.

Being around water does something to regenerate your soul. :-)

I certainly have to agree with you there. Water has always called out to me, I just love looking at it in general so it's been a nice surprise having it so close.

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Very nice shots. You're so lucky to live near such a gorgeous place @topkpop