Wednesday walk - Harlem Meer

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Wednesday walk - Harlem Meer

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer.jpg

Sony A7iii 100mm F8 1/125 ISO 250
*Click here to view larger

Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by me, the idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start. And this is my entry for this week, but first, let me explain the challenge.

This is my post for the Wednesday Walk challenge hosted by myself, let me first explain the guidelines

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

Try and get a few shots not just one

You can look for anything in general or decide on one subject you want to get shots off.

Try to limit yourself to a set distance or time from the starting location, say 5 Blocks, 5 Minutes walk or whatever and see what you can find in that short distance

Make a point of looking around and up and see what you can find to get shots of that otherwise you may miss

Do a post with the shots you get on a Wednesday and tag it with #wednesdaywalk, also if you happen to join, please leave a link to your post in a comment on this post and I will try and visit them all.

Following me and resteeming the post so more see it would be appreciated but isn't a rule just a suggestion, but you may have a better chance of receiving a Steem Basic Income Share if you do.

I am not strict on these rules and hence why they are called guidelines and not rules

I will try and visit, resteem and upvote all who take part in the Wednesday Walk, plus I will be sending @steembasicincomeshares to a selection of those who participate.

Make me Smile Collaboration

As I mentioned above Wednesday Walk is collaborating with the Make Me Smile hosted by @elizacheng,
Starting now with this post, on the third Wednesday of the month out two challenges will collaborate so if you combine the two into one post you have double the fun

Here are the rules for her challenge

Your post can be writing, singing, video, poem,drawing, photography etc.... the most important part is your post Make me" smile, Remember, the ME is whoever read/view/listen to your post and this includes YOURSELF.
b. Your content must be ORIGINAL CONTENT
c. Please include at least 50 Words in your post

So the collaboration giveaway is as follows
As well as the SBI shares normally given away from the Wednesday Walk and Make me Smile Challenge, we will send one SBI Share each to one lucky winner who joins both challenges in one post

And now for this weeks walk post photos

The first shot is looking across the Harlem Meer, the building in the photo is the Dana A Discovery Centre, which is an Environmental Center, the offers a wide variety of free education and community programs, seasonal exhibits, and holiday celebrations.

This next shot is walkiing one of the trails by the Harlem Meer and I decided to slip a mono shot into this post.

Now I will admit even though I did a few walks last week, these shots are actually from a couple of weeks ago as I haven't had the time or energy to do any photo editing this week.

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer-6.jpg

Sony A7iii 25mm F8 1/125 ISO 800
*Click here to view larger

And another shot looking over the water

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 31mm F8 1/125 ISO 160
*Click here to view larger

I do love walking in Central Park inthe early morning, often you have the pathways to yourself as you can see in this shot

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/125 ISO 500
*Click here to view larger

And another shot of the Meer itself, I do love this area and do not visit it as much as I would like as it is a long way from the office, when I visit there I normally get off the train at the 125th Street Station and walk to 100th Street where the park starts and then walk around it and through the park.

I know my last few Wednesday Walk posts including this one have been in Central Park, I promise to try and get my act together and share a walk somewhere else next week.

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/125 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

And back to the Meer, this spot even has a small sandy beach like feature which this dog was enjoying

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer-3.jpg
Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/125 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

And one last shot just to show how lovelt the greens were that mornign after earlier rain, not the greatest of shotsI guess but I love the greens, and the open areas like this that are spread throughout the park.

1 Wednesday Walk Harlem Meer-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/125 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

Steem Basic Income give away

I mentioned in the guidelines that from this week I will be sponsoring a few who join the #wednesdaywalk challenge with shares on Steem Basic Income

What is Steem Basic Income you may ask well here is how they explain it

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. so I have decided to send some Steem Basic Income shares to 5 people selected through a random draw so on the weekend all people who joined in last weeks Wednesday walk to @shasta, @tali72, @joanstewart, @sketch.and.jam, @shaunf, all people who joined in last weeks Wednesday walk . And a special bonus this week @elizacheng will send one SBI share to @sunikr,

I would love to be able to give everyone who joins a Steem Basic Income share, but I don't make enough steem each week to do so, but I will try and share them around fairly between those that join the challenge

I hope a few of you may find this an interesting challenge and decide to join in.

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.795863 lat -73.949962 long Harlem Meer Central Park NYC d3scr


Amazing shots JJ. Your photos truly make the area a quiet paradise.
I’ve been a bit slack lately at getting any Wednesdaywalk posted but always think about your lovely challenge.

Thanks Kindly and no problems about the Wednesday walk, just when it fits with your schedule and the time you have is fine ;)

Oh, I cannot ever get enough of the beauty of Harlem. Honestly, Central Park - you could do that every week and it always is different, you just are so used to it, it has a sameness to it.

But, that is so not true. It looks different. Each week you show it.

Harlem used to be such a tough section of town and I used to have a friend living right on the cusp of it, and where I stayed if I couldn't/didn't want to get back to Connecticut. I can remember not wanting to traverse too far off the beaten path. Oh, it is such a wonderful place now and the rejuvination has done the entire place justice. Some of the oldest, most amazing buildings are still alive and well down there.

You always put som much into these posts and it really shows off in your photography, Thank you for taking me along on your #WednesdayWalk and that dog is surely having the time of his life. :)

Thanks for being a great part of @SteemUSA!


I love this end of the park, and as you say each park of the park has its own Beauty, and right next door to the Meer is the ramble another area of the park I live but its so far from the office I seldom make it there, but i may have to do a walk through there again soon

Harlem itself seems to be picking up it had such a bad reputation for a long time its great to see it coming back but still have the cool character of the old buildings


It's absolutely true. I have always felt that way about Central Park. It's just one of those places I could go my entire life and it never looks the same. Of course, the fixed part of it is the same but even though Landscaping looks different throughout the seasons. I can understand about it being too far from the office. I'm always amazed that you go as far as you do.

Harlem has come a long way baby! There was a day that I wouldn't go down there unless I had to. Have yourself a most wonderful night!

OHh Ok its the newspaper part, now that makes more sense to me I was a little confused, but then again that is not unusual LOL
Will be cool seeing them hatch and grow and then fly away

Ohh yes it was such a lovely day I did sneak in a walk after lunch, and so wanted to play hookey and not go back I must admit, but I did the adult thing and went back to work

What you mean about bad reputation?

For a while that area was renowned for being quite dangerous and many did not go there

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Thanks for the resteem appreciated

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Loved the post, I shared it with the @helpie community and we upvoted your post. Thanks alot for making a quality post.

Thanks Kindly :)

Spring is a season of most bright and saturated colors.
Wonderful photos, and in monochrome as well 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks I thought there was so much color in the other photos one monoshot was at least needed to tone it down LOL

Balance is important, LOL

Posted using Partiko Android

YEs I think so as well :)

Looks so inviting with no crowds of people. :-)

Ohh yes indeed thats why I always go there early :)

I really like the idea of the combining of 2 challenges.
As usual great photography.

It is a cool Idea to combine them, walking always makes me smile so they kind of go together

Oh my word but we do live in a very pretty world don't we! Your photos are absolutely stunning @tattoodjay!

Thanks for your visit and yes there is so much beauty inthe world if were will to look and see it

La primera foto me encanto demasiado, parece un arco iris, muchos colores fantásticos.

Thanks Kindly :)

Those are really pretty photos. What a fabulous walk and such good photography always by your good self jay!

Thanks I do love that end of the park, but seldom get there as it is so far from the office thanks for your visit and kind comment :)

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That environmental center at the beginning is pretty awesome. Do you get over to the West side very often during the day or do you have to plan special trips to make it over there?

During the day I am mostly in Midtown near the office,if I want to do a walk further afield I generally catch an earlier Tran which means getting up at 4 instead of 4:15 and doing a walk about before work around 7AM , i like exploring at that time as it is quieter and less people

Ah, that makes sense!

ITs a pity how work gets in the way of me taking longer walks especially on a day like today when the sun is shining

ohh you went blue, like blueee!! hellow mondayblue, hvae NOOTHINg on you Mr ;) LOL Awsome walk, thanks for bring us :D

I do love Blue so Monday Blues for me is a good thing :) expect t see lots more blues from me :)

Thanks and thanks fir joining the walk this week 😎👍😎

Hello....!!!!! :D
I hope all is well with you.. :>)
My entry for today

Just saw your entry such cool shots 😎
Thanks fir joining the walk again this week

Soooo many awesome entries. You so truly do a fantastic job acknowledging them all so personally.....!!!
Thank You 😊

Bare trees are just so beautiful... you got some nice ones here...
Have a good evening! :)

Yes I agree, well I love trees in any season I have to admit ;)

I agree with Denise (@dswigle) that I never tire of your Central Park captures! I've never looked at your photos, and thought, "ugh, more of the same..." 😊

The monochrome was cool, the green was awesome, but my faves are the reflection shots!

Here's mine for the week -

And, !tip

Thanks, thats good to know I do try and mix it up a bit but like you the weather hasn't been the best for getting out and getting shots this week, today was nice in the morning but I had an early meeting, my fingers are crossed that tomorrow I can get out for a walk and photos

I just saw you post you pulled some awesome shots out of the archives ;)

The reflection shots are beautiful indeed.

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Ok... I just can't stop looking at that first picture 😍
The colors are absolutely magical and the environment take my breath away. It's like the most beautiful painting... Lol

Really amazing shot my friend, made my day and I still smile 😊 loved it!
You really know how to make magic with your pictures my friend. Cheers! 🤗💕

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Thanks your comments Alwas make me smile your infectious for fun and smiles :)
Harlem Meier is a beautiful part of the park, but so far away from my office i do not get there too often

Really great shots and I love the idea of collabing with #makemesmile and @elizacheng.

You have already visited but should someone else like to take a gander.

Thanks and yes i think it was a cool idea to colaborate with these tow challenges once a month I think they work well together

Great shots again @tattoodjay, always love the colors in your shots. That looks like a great area to visit indeed. And what a great feeling it must give when walking in central park and having the paths just for you, and nature is so beautiful in the morning.

Ohh yes going there early and having hardly anyone there does make the park so special, I am Lucky to be an early riser to get into the city in time for a walk before it gets to crowded

That shot of the trees about half way down, they all look like they have halos, really cool man.

Posted using Partiko Android

I had to go and look and yes i see the halo and it is cool but bad editing on my part lOL

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Such beautiful photos of awesome views! Very serene. I tried to pick my favorites but I can't because I love all of them. : )

Thanks Kindly I do love that area, well I love all of the park, but the Meer and the Pond are my favorite spots for sure ;)

Beautiful walk @tattoodjay! Wonderful colors, all the
nice new green! You have such lovely places to walk!
Thank you so much for the sbi! :-)

Most welcome for the SBI and I am lucky I have so many options of places to visit

JUst saw it recently thanks so much for joining in onthe walk :)