WednesdayWalk To A Crockery World!!

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A walk is always a boon to health. Be it a morning walk or night walk, a smaller walk or a longer walk, it not only makes your lazy body active but you will enjoy and explore many things happening around you.

After a long time, I manage to go around in Public places. Those who were known knows that , last months is quite hectic and i remain at home due to some emergency. I did not able to go around anywhere. However, yesteday i.e Wednesday I went o a near by mall to get some groceeies for home. The lazy aftrrnoon, was hard to go out, still I went to get some fresh air as well alongwith the the daily need items.

The super market is in nearby mall which happens to be hub of many top International brands. As I make towards the mall, I came across some finest display of crockery items.


The Crockery items were displayed right at the entrance of the mall gate. The open stall kept many varieties of Crockery, and the stall owner keep entertaining the customers. The colorful display of each items make me to spend some time in the stall.



Crockery are the essentials of every household, and add beauty to your kitchen. And when when you get so many colorful Crockery dishes at a reasonable price, you will definately like to buy each one of them. I said reasonable because, these Crockery are local make and very cheap as comparision to to some of the Shops inside the building.



From Tea cup, to Coffee mug, from exquisite cashrolento keep gour item to delicate glasses. The stall dont need to have any decoration as each items attracting the customer. Kept on the open ground, and each item perfectly displayed the artistic nature of the maker. Each items attracts a lot of customer during my short stay.



Hatss off all those artisans who have made such exquisite and designer crockeries. These shops though only lack some branding. If these owners gets some back up support such quality Crockery will also be selling at much higher rate.
I clicked few Photographs and went inside the mall to get my Groceries stuff. A sudden outing help me to explore these beautiful crockery alongwith it help me in making a post on #wednesdaywalk a nice little effort by @tattoodjay (JJ) to give a short break and make a walk around to explore your surrounding.

Hopefully, you all loved this small outing.

Stay Calm....

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These crockery are beautiful!


Thanks @alimamasstory. of all kitchen

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Gorgeous colourful crockery @steemflow, this is one of my weaknesses but they're quite pricey here!


Ahh these are affordable and available at good bargains. As these salesman are sitting not in fancy showroom it is cheap and best. @lizelle

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Very nice products.
I can see teens ready to get married may buy from you the home utensils.


Hahaha...ohh sure @jackarphillip will send it across 👍

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Glad you were able to get out for a walk and share this beautiful stall and colorful crockery with us

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!


Thanks JJ it was good to get new fresh visit aftrr long

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Really these artist don’t get recognition and money what they actually deserve. Nice share!


Thanks @shilpavarma worth of work. I think I should start a side business of exporting all these 😜

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Idea bura nahi hai. Bus inn gareebon ka kahayal rakhna


Hahah.....steem se payment karung...😜 welcome to crypto world

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I love colorful stuff and those cups are adorable. You should go out more often my friend @steemflow ... lazy afternoons 😂🤪🤣 come on, get out and take pictures, you’re surrounded by beauty.


I know @starjewel there are many things to explore even minute things are there to make your day.....
Just didnt get time lately due Dad bad health , he underwent knee surgery, so i stayed with soon as he completely recovers will share many intrtesting stuff 👍

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Lol I never knew someone could get so excited about crockery, but after reading you post I understand how. Everything is so colorful in Indian which is one of the reasons why's it's on of my top travel destinations. Unfortunately, I have never been there. I hope soon, one day. Great pictures and I really enjoyed your post.


Better you should. There are so many things to explore in each and every part @balticbadger and how you forget Taj Mahal. Everything is grand and colorful 👌
The crockery were so attractive that i made it share with steemit family. Glad you loves it.....waiting to see in India soon...👍

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I love crockery too... More like I have a weakness for shopping. And I love shopping for the kitchen...

I like the colors they put in to the cups and mugs... It's so inviting that I'm sure many will buy


Nope @ireenchew such is the state of these poor seller. People prefer to buy from showroom rather than these small shops....agree they have variety and very colorful collection

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That's such a waste to buy from the larger shopping stores when the gems are mainly here on the streets.

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Thats know these are cheaper too....but people have their status visting these shops js waste of time

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