Wednesday Walk: Visit From Jack Frost

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Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay. The idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start.

Autumn has arrived and the tree leaves are starting to color the landscape with shades of red, orange and brown.

As I walk around the yard I see the frost has turned the elephant plant’s leaves from green to brown. In fact, the whole plant is asleep until awoken by Spring.

Elephant Plant After The Frost


I see the birch trees are still holding on to their green leaves.


There’s not a lot of insects around today. This little bee is not ready to give up yet. He is about to land on a flowering weed.


Variety Of Mushrooms Growing Throughout The Lawn


This seems to be a good time of year for mushrooms. These little white ones are growing up through the rocks in the driveway. If you step on them they will make a puff sound.


Challenge Rules

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6


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What a wonderful walk! It's not exactly fall yet for me but close. Lots of planting going on in the neighborhood as the winter vegetable season is all most upon us.

I like that you have bees that haven't given up...


Thanks for stopping by Tom. Autumn seemed to be here too soon. Could have used a few more weeks before the frost. I lost my Hungarian peppers to the frost but had a lot of the peppers beforehand.

I enjoyed watching your walk pics. It was really amazing see that white mushrooms grown in stone pavement area.


Thanks @radapatil. I’m glad you enjoyed my walk.

Still looks like summer... late summer I guess! Very nice, resteemed :)


Thanks so much Keith! The daytime temperatures have been in double digits but dropping at night.

Very nice @redheadpei, you should use the Steemworldmap, to put your location
In place. It's cool
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Thanks Jerry. Have put some posts on the map. Good idea to use it more often.

you saw some interesting things on your walk, love the fungi

thanks for joining Wednesday walk tip!


Welcome Jay. Thanks for your wonderful fun contest. ❤️

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What a beautiful early autumn day. The best days for a walk. Where I live, in Romania, is the same climate as you. The same wonderful autumn. Your photos are a great illustration of your walk. The photo with the little bee who does not want to quit is my favorite. Thanks for your good blog.

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Interesting mushrooms... Especially those driveway mushrooms! The elephant plant leaves did not like the frost!