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This is my post for #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

I walked down to our mailbox and along the way looked for fossils and sharks teeth

These are the shark's teeth I found today, I was not going to look for them on the way back but took two steps and looked down and saw the biggest one, I only found one more after that


This is an interesting fossil, it is flat on one side.


there were some interesting mushrooms


more mushrooms


This weed with delicate looking flowers


another mushroom


This is called pumpkin vine


They say it is poisonous but when I was a kid we would break them open and suck the red stuff off the seeds, then spit the seeds at each other. It looks like ants like it, too.


Polk weed berries, my Granny would boil the leaves dump the water off and boil again dump water off boil again, I do not recall how many times she did this but swore it would cure a belly ache.


A clam shell embedded in a rock


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WOw what cool finds on your walk so many sharks teeth and those mushrooms are so cool

@tatoodjay thank you, after last years hurricanes we had to have fill brought in to our driveway and it has a lot of shell in it that is where I find the sharks teeth, it also had some big rocks and pieces of mastodon tusk they are about a foot long and 4 to 6 inches around.

Wow thats so cool, well not the hurricane of course but all that you are finding in the fill

@tatoodjay yes it is. My husband was waiting on the power trucks one day and he looked down and found a sharks tooth, now after each hard rain I look for them, I found one in my front yard.

I would be out looking for them after every rain I suspect you must be building up a cool collection

@tattoodjay yes I have a very nice collection of fossils, arrowheads and sharks teeth. I find the best things on the islands, they were made when they dredged the intercoastal waterway. The arrowheads I find around the US1 bridge they dug up indian mounds and used it as fill for US1, which I think is a terrible thing to do.

Yes I do agree that is a terrible thing they did, but its good in a way that you and finding and keeping them I wonder how many people just throw in the trash not realizing what they are

have a good weekend

@tattoodjay I used to never see anyone else looking for them, but now I run it to people just about every time I go. I guess the word got out. I do not think anyone would throw them in the trash but a lot of people walk past them not knowing what they are. I hope your weekend is also a good one.

I am so, so happy to see you posting here @myjob. This is an excellent move for you to make :)

@fitinfun you are the second person to tell me that. I will have to thank @annephilbrick I saw some of her posts for it and thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Ahh!! Why I never find shark teeth?! I would have to become a shark dentist or that!! hahaha

@blacklux They have to be there somewhere. Is there a place where they dredged? like to make a channel. that is where you would be more likely to find them. look for shell or rocks. I do not know why we do not have many on our beach but a beach 60 miles north has lots.

Hi! Wednesday Walk is your element! This is great I love it. Like me, you found these treasures at your feet. I made one whole post with shots of the pavement and it was my favorite.

@owasco that you for the nice compliment, sometimes you just have to look down to see what is at your feet. I like finding treasures, one of my favorite things to do.

What a great walk! It sounds like where I lived in Florida for a short bit! Shark teeth and fossils mixed with shells.

A wonderful walk you had!


@dswigle thank you, where did you live at, I am in Sebastian.

Cocoa Beach!! Knew it sounded familiar!

@dswigle Cocoa is not far from me, I live about 50 miles south of there. Melbourne is 20 miles north of me.

Actually, I was in Cocoa Beach AND Melbourne. I spent a lot of time at Sebastian Inlet and had to go to New England Eatery when it moved from Palm Bay to Sebastian. I was just there in June! ;)


@dswigle That is so cool. It is a small world, I was born and raised at Sebastian Inlet South side, my Dad had the campground there until the State took it in the early 70's. I now live in Roseland but everyone includes it in as Sebastian. It is straight across from the Inlet.

Haha! I know where that is too! Small world, indeed!!

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