Wednesday Walk Challenge - The Resu-Wrecked Heron

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Finding a ship in the middle of a building is quite something, especially when it's just a stone's throw from the beach!
On closer look that ship happens to be a pub called the Resu-Wrecked Heron Pub; a real quirky joint.

The Wrecked Heron Pub & Restaurant is situated inside the Happy Wanderers Holiday Resort on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast, just under an hour's drive from Durban; this has become one of our favourite places for a lazy Sunday.
I found an apt description about this venue on Dining Out:

The 'Resu-Wrecked Heron' Ladies' Bar and an a la- Carte Restaurant are situated on 500m of private beach at Happy Wanderers Holiday Resort. The outlook onto the beach and sea while wining and dining is absolutely panoramic. Sip cocktails seated around a unique bar boat named the “Resu-Wrecked' Heron.

Walking in we see banners for a fundraiser held there for kids with cancer by an organisation called Rainbows and Smiles; this was during a peak period so perfect timing.

We're greeted by real quirky nautical decor and objects.

I hope someone can help me with this - is it a foghorn?
Taking a closer look on another occasion.

The Resu-Wrecked Heron

Old ship compass.

Some real quirky signs.

No smoking & no shoes? And yes there are real monkey trouping through this resort daily.

I have shared this one with you before, could not resist doing so again:)

Poor old fishermen being ragged.

Pub grubs are served here, with larger than life wooden tables that can seat the extended family and friends, with the beach right outside the door. One could almost put your feet in the sand if you stretch out, cannot get any closer than that!

A Bunny Chow ordered from the Pub menu.
Many will ask what that is - a Bunny Chow is a hollowed out half or quarter loaf of bread filled with a spicy hot curry.
There are many legends about how this dish developed - one theory is that it made a perfect receptacle for the sugarcane workers who migrated to South Africa from India in the 19th century. Yet another theory is that it was a clever way to disguise a curry during apartheid years when only white folk could enter restaurants, and Bunny Chows would be served like this from the back of the restaurant.
Whichever story is true we will never know, but one thing's for sure, and that is that you will find the very best curries in Kwazulu Natal.

Formal meals can also be enjoyed in the adjoining restaurant. We've had many leisurely Sunday lunches in both venues and have always come away with happy tummies, feeling very relaxed after listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach; so soothing!

And last but not least - the endless beach perfect for walking the walk and talking the talk; all you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing onto the white sand.

I do hope you enjoyed reading about my visit to the Resu-Wrecked Heron; funnily I was going to write about this the same week my teamsouthafrica friend @rynow did his take on the same place about two months ago, so one could almost say I have resu-wrecked it again!
This has been my contribution to @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk Challenge.

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NOw that place for sure is unique and so interesting so much to see here, sorry I cannot/help with what that thing is but a fog horn seems a good guess to me
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you for the awesome tag @tattoodjay, it actually makes us see little things we would normally miss:)

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It’s my pleasure I get to virtually travel the world each week seeing everyone’s walks

Oh my, what a perfect spot for Sunday lunch and a beach walk @lizelle. Is this the area you are thinking about retiring to? It certainly is lovely. Ingenious to create a restaurant around a boat, such cute decorations. That fisherman poster, priceless! I'm going to have to try my hand at that bunny chow, I love curry, haven't had it for quite a while. Lovely post my friend!

It is a favourite haunt of ours, quite close to where we want to retire. You could make your own bunny chow, it's so delicious with the curry gravy soaking into the bread;) Hubby and I usually share one as it's way too much for one person if you're not a big eater.
Thanks for popping in my friend, always lovely seeing you :)

This was such a fun day, @lizelle!!

I absolutely loved the quirky place and it was with great imagination that someone put this place together! Absolute joy at finding such a treasure here among the #WednesdayWalks!

The beach is stunning and who doesn't love a little bunny chow!!!??? Raises hand for more!!!!! This was a fabulous post and I love that place and its decor!!

Thanks for sharing!


  ·  2 months ago (edited)

It always is great fun going there, we can pretend we're on vacation just for that one day, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and the tip as well :)


Love seeing all the old nautical artifacts. Bunny chow looks interesting and filling.

It certainly is very filling, we usually share it as it's way too much for us. Thank you for popping in @redheadpei!

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Will do that for sure, thank you!

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Will do that for sure, thank you!

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Lovely story and although I don't think I've ever had a bunny-chow - it really made me feel like curry

Bunny chow really is delicious with the curry gravy soaking into the fluffy bread, but we always share one as it's way too much for one person when you're not a big eater. Thanks for popping in @pandamama!

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Thank you so much @crowdmind!

What a fun place! I'd love to try some bunny chow! !Tip

It really is a lovely laidback place! You could actually make your own bunny chow :)
Thanks for the tip!

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You are right... I looked up a recipe for bunny chow and it looks easy enough!

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