Wednesday Walk in Fernwood

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Hey friends, join me for a #wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay. You can check out his post here.

It's a chilly day here today, but nothing like the arctic deep-freeze that is sweeping across much of Canada and the USA. For example, here is a look at the 'snow' covering the ground in places.


These little flowers are called Snowdrops and they are one of the first type of flowers to bloom in the spring.


All of these photos were taken within a couple of blocks of my home in the Fernwood area of Victoria, BC.


This is a neighbourhood of colourful older homes. Check out the shot above... I guess those people have a lot of dogs, therefore they need two fire hydrants!


On the next corner we find the local Buddhist temple.


Someone is using an old stove as a planter. I love stuff like this!


Above: we enter Spring Ridge Commons. There is no spring or ridge to be found here, but the green-haired highschool student was smoking a little pot before going to school. I don't know how to feel about this. I smoked weed in high school, but I didn't have green hair. Now I don't smoke at all.


Next we come to the village square. It's hard to read but the original sign on the wall reads "Rennie & Taylor Butternut Bread". That sounds pretty good, I wish they were still baking bread here!


We've got some cool artwork on the walls in many places.


And flowers... little buds are opening everywhere. I'll leave you with some macro shots.




That's all for today folks. Thanks for coming along on my walk! All photos taken by me with an Olympus EM5 Mk II camera. I hope you're having a great day.

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First off I must say I love your snow better than ours :) and I did have a chuckle about the house having a few dogs and hence needing extra Hydrants then some cool properties and art you know I had to love this post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

Thanks very much! I've been seeing some nasty looking weather on the news! Are you in that deep-freeze? I know the midwest is super cold. How about the east coast?

Compared to the midwest we have it easy, some parts in the midwest have Wind Chills down to -60 thats outright dangerous to be out in, here with wind chill the worse we are getting is down to about -15 this one.

That's still bad enough. Hope it ends soon.

its a quick hit for us, heading up tot he 50s on Sunday so I am looking forward to that

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Thank you @pixresteemer!

Very interesting sites there sir Keith! I like that little place. The stove turned into a planter, classic redneck right there! lol.

You're working hard today, aren't you? Yes, that's a little bit redneck I suppose. whatever it is, I kind of like it :-)

Howdy sir Keith! yes sir I'm back doing my thing again after laying off last week. Why, what are you doing today? taking more great pictures? Were you taking pictures when you were a kid, like with those little Brownie box cameras? Or did you get interested later in life?

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I like your Snow Drops...... that close up is so sweet. At first, before I read the description, I thought they were Lilly of the Valley.

A two hydrant house..... ha ha.... convenient too if they ever catch fire !

I also like seeing when other people use unusual things as planters. Can't help but catch your attention when stove is sitting out front.

That's a neat wooden arch and the artsy dragonflies are fun.

The flower photos make me long for spring. :)

Thanks very much, I'm happy you enjoyed my post! :-)

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What a beautiful walk! I planted snowdrops just so I could have something blooming during the season when it feels like nothing will ever bloom again.

Thank you! I've been seeing snowdrops for quite a while now, but they've only started to open over the last couple of days.

Beautiful snowdrops! I like your snowy version better than mine! Those dragonflies are fantastic. And your flower photos are always so beautiful. What a nice walk!

Thank you, Melinda! Glad you enjoyed the post :-)

Great #wednesdaywalk. Looks like a great neighborhood. Love the dragonflies! Kind of embarrassing but it was almost 70F here today. But the rain returns tomorrow.

Nothing to be embarrassed about, that sounds perfect. Temps here are staying around 47 to 48. It's not summer, but it's nothing like Chicago!

So lovely to walk with you. What a cool idea to use the old stove and how nice is to see the messengers of the spring - the snowdrops. Fabulous macro shots.

Thanks very much, I'm happy you liked the post! :-)

Very nice photos, those macros are wonderful! Lucky you! You are not freezing like others!

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Oh boy when I see the news and how bad it is in some places I'm very glad to live here! Thanks very much!

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Thanks very much, @photocircle!

Fascinating stuff @keithboone! Fire hydrants, snow drops, weed, temples, artful graffiti, and butternut bread. What more could we ask for? Oh.....I know! Some superbly beautiful macro shots. Just perfect! How will you top this post for next Wednesday I wonder?

Thanks so much, Trudee! Next week? I'll just do my best... ;-)

I'm sure you will, my friend. 🌹 🌻 🌹

How is that even possible Keith? Like we do not live in the same country!!! And I just love those little flowers, they are the spring bringers back in Slovakia. I have not seen them since I moved here in 1990. Beautiful shots my Friend , I really enjoy them 🌷😊

Thank you so much, Lena! Vancouver and Victoria are full of people who moved here from Ontario and the weather is the number one reason. I couldn't stand the weather in Toronto during the winter, even though it was far worse when I was a child. I'm happy that you enjoyed the flowers. I just checked the Toronto weather... bundle up and stay warm!

Always a pleasure Keith! I will be definitely moving somewhere in the future; at least for the winter. The plans are in the works. For now, I am staying in or taking Uber, lol.

Many people from Victoria get tired of the rain (although it's been sunny lately) and so they move to Mexico or Arizona or someplace warm for the winter. People from Ontario then sublet here and everyone is happy!