Wednesday Walk & Ulog #45 | Trip to Nail Spa

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Everyone has a different way to pamper or de-stress themselves. Some head to the gym for a quick sweat or take a few laps in the pool or even a good massage by their favorite therapist. For me, it's to the Nail Spa. I just have something about properly manicured nails, be it fingers or toes. It's an important part of grooming which I feel people tend to forget. Not knowing that when you shake the hands of the other, it's an important presentation of oneself.

Call it vanity but in my line of work, it's of great significance to the overall grooming. After all, before we speak, the presentation gives the first impression.

So, off I went to my favorite Nail Spa in downtown, District One. I've been here ever since my first visit a couple of months ago. It was by coincidence that I found this place while window shopping in the Benh Thanh market, a famous tourist wholesale shopping mall in HCMC.


Located in a small alley between the main shops, there are many choices of Nail Spa shops to choose from. Mainly catered to the locals as these shops are not so beautifully decorated as the popular ones on the main street. But, they're skills are just as great as those publicized.


I have my two favorite nail therapist at my service during my last trip. One handling my fingers while the other on my toes. Going the extra mile, I decided on Spa Pedicure since my feet have been in dire need of attention. A good scrub and massage is most recommended after a long week and some extensive walking the day before.


The entire session took me almost 2 hours which was a good rest needed for my feet. And it only cost me :-

VND50,000 = USD2.15 = MYR9.00

Spa Pedicure
VND170,000 = USD7.32 = MYR30.62

There's no where else I could find such affordable nail spa ever! And because of that, I would come here at least every 2 to 3 weeks once for change of color and nail theraphy.

Now that both my fingers and toes have had their pampering, I can now continue with more walking around town and get ready for an outdoor bbq party organized by a newly met Singaporean friend. We're going to celebrate post Singapore National Day.

There's always a good reason to throw a party, wherever and whenever !

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Yes, I love to pamper myself and get a manicure!

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We all love some pampering once a while 😊

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We all need to pamper ourselves from time to time, I sometimes go with my Wife, well I always go as she doesn’t drive so I drop her off but occasionally especially if its a grey wet or cold day I decide to get my Feet done while she gets a mani and Pedi it is very relaxing i must admit
But I a lot more expensive here I think its $25 just for a pedi

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks so much :)
Yes.. I so believe in pampering ourselves.
What's with life if we work hard and don't give back some to ourselves

Thats ohh so true :)

I could not translate those prices. @ireenchew do you know how much your mani/pedi cost in dollars?

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In the post the prices are list less than USD$10 for both which is such a good price compared to here

Thanks for translating the numbers - I like knowing :)

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Most welcome :)

I had a full one done once in Thailand, and found it interesting, but not up to having another one, not really my thing

So happy to see you under the marlians steemitmamas section!

I used to be a nail freak too. Every 10 days, manicures and pedicures, with the accompanying massage.

Then I started getting more and more picky about using polish and sharing supplies, and now I don't even dye my hair anymore (it used to be a by monthly must) and I feel ok with it.

BUT you are 100% right. When I am "going somewhere" vs the usual just mom stuff, I am scrubbing at the nails extra hard and pushing back the cuticles and filing for sure!

Thank you for sharing. A foot massage does sound nice right about now. I don't miss the polish but I do miss the pampering that comes with getting your nails done.

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Hi there @metzli..
I'm still unsure how the marlins Steemitmamas work..
However, it may be... Steemitmamas rocks !!

Yeah Mama!

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I have not splurged on my nails in far too long! I wish I could find a place that charges bargain prices like those! !Tip

Hey there @melinda010100
It was a coincidence that I found this place.
Can't even find it on Google or Trip advisor

Sounds like it is a real 'find'!

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I just had my nails done by my daughter cause she bought me a new nail polish in light blue - if it would be such a bargain over here would go to pamper me too lol :)

That is so sweet of your daughter..
Mother and daughter bonding is the best and most important

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