Wednesday Walk - Discovering more of my Local Area !!

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Thanks to @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge. There are days sometimes when i don't need to go into my office i can simply do my work from my home computer and today was one of them days so it meant that i had more free time and could do my work at my own pace so i decided to take a walk around my local area this morning before i sat at my computer desk. Be honest i have been living here in Thailand for awhile now and have never gone out to really discover and know fully the area i am living in meaning going down all them interesting alleyways i see all the time so today i am going to take you on a tour around my real inner local area and see what we can find and see how the real local Thai people live there everyday life.

First think wake up have my coffee and as walking out of my building my little pot plant kitty Jewel is there to greet me. That's what i named her Little Jewel.


The good morning done i walk around the corner from my building and into the first alleyway and what do i see a abandon car RIP now that's a good local start.


A quick photo and keep walking down the alleyway.


And into another alleyway where i see a abandon house with a rusty old open gate and nothing to be seen but maybe a ghost whirling around inside.




Quickly walked away from that one and found a interesting gravel wall with some beautiful green lush moss growing over it.



Down the next alleyway i see a nice banana tree with a nice bunch of bananas very common to see here in Thailand almost every house yard has a banana tree.



Down the same alleyway a bit further along a abandon motorbike RIP.


Out of that alleyway around the corner heading to the main road i see a couple of abandon Tuk Tuk taxi's caged up interesting old Tuk Tuk's to look at probably worth something to someone.



Then on the main road i come across the garbage depot , i always wondered where all the local garbage was taken now i know.



These motorbike box trailer bike's are used to collect garbage from the smaller alleyways.


I cross the main road and into the next local block walking along the water catchment canal i spot yet another abandon graveyard on either side running down this road.




Further down the i encounter the local motorbike repair shop which to me looked like the local junkyard. It amazes me how they can find anything or work in these conditions.



Further down the road i do a left turn and back into the local alleyways which has this canal running between the houses this was real local area i love seeing how the lower class of Thai people live but are so much happier and friendly and have everything they need.



You can see all them pots at the back of there houses they are growing all there own herbs and chilies.


And just further on i come to the local temple i give my prayers and blessings say hello to the temple dog and head out of there to head back home.




On my way back home down a couple more alleyways will locals doing there routine things like hanging there washing on cloths racks in the alley and then pass another rusty old abandon house.



Check out the electricians trying to find the problem it's like looking for the needle in the haystack and amazingly they always find the problem somehow , but i must say a few of them do get fried up RIP.


Pop into 7-eleven store to get some odds and ends just down the road from me , nearly home now and of coarse wake up the 7-eleven cat that always sleeps just outside the store you got to be careful sometimes you don't step on her she sleeps right across the door way sometimes.



Pass my local Muslim cemetery that is next door to my appartment building and i am home. That was quite an experience a 2 hour walk and now i know more of what is around me and what i living around and all good i consider myself as a local been living here long enough and still loving it.



Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.



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Thank you Sir :)

Lovely photos, my friend. However only 3 of them remained in my mind. Can you guess which ones? 😂
You are so lucky to be able to work from home. I did it too in the past and I loved joining important conference calls with the ceo while I was still in bed wearing my cozy pijamas. Priceless. 🤣


Let me guess.....ahhmmmm....the dog and the two cats :)

It definitely is priceless working from home i couldn't agree with you more i have my music going my glass of red wine in my shorts and a great view of my balcony i couldn't ask for anymore :)

nice photography dear hangin, i really appreciate you ,i also like photography but you are great sir ,good job keep it up , have a good day, i upvote and follow you ,please do comments ,resteem and follow me thanks


Thank you Sir anyone can do it if you want to , simply as that so go out and do it that's why your here isn't it to produce good content so people will take notice and comment and then follow right , so don't talk about it go and do it buddy show us what you can do !!

I love exploring the alleys and back streets of cities I visit to me that’s where you see the real character of the place

Ohh that wiring I have seen similar in many places how they maintain I have no idea

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!


Your excatly right that's where you see the real culture and living of the people.

I would hate to have the job of a electrician over here.

Thanks for the tip and have a great week my friend :)


So true and not just electic wiring but also it and telephone cables


And internet cables what a zoo :)


Ohh yeah, fixing wiring issues must be such a nightmare

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Mr.@hangin....another well planned, heartfelt post. So much you have included!
And what a jumbled sight. Almost chaos but so routine at the same time.

Not understanding the abandoned homes and junk and animals all just left as is. Not as common here.

It is obvious how you would learn to love much going on.

Will look forward to next Wednesday's tour.


Thank you @nananini and i really enjoy them walks seeing how people live , go about there day and also a bit of chit chat interaction makes everyone happy. Looking forward to my next Wdnesday walk stay turned my dear nananini :)

howdy there hangin, this was such an interesting look into your neighborhood, thank you!


You are welcome my friend , thank you for dropping by :)

very interesting walk! it seemed to me that the lanes are quite narrow. do people live very crowded? cute cats :) bananas near every house !!!!! it's great!!!!


No it's quite comfortable living not as crowded as the Chinese :)