Panama acquires vivid colors at any time of the day, as well as at night.

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Hello friends, I invite you for a walk

In the morning, during the rain, I was strolling through my garden. Drops of rain fell slightly over the petals of my hibiscus. Warm weather and nice rain really made my day joyfull.


A Wednesday walk through the rainy and sunny Panama, it acquires vivid colors at any time of the day, as well as at night.

After the rain I had an idea to go to the beach. During the way I visited one of my favorite restaurant , I bought good coffee with real local honey :)


Colorful Panama buses are very visible and put a smile on my face.


Being close to the ocean I didn't sit and watch the waves, I prefered strolling along the beach.

Instead of sitting by the ocean, I started looking for flowers and found a beautiful specimen.

An incredibly purple, juicy color caught my attention. The camera has loved the shape and color. A wonderful Wednesday day passed me very nostalgically and amidst the beautiful nature.





When the sun came down

I took my wife for a walk by the light of the lamps, and at the end we watched the stars.


#WednesdayWalk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay


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All your photos posted here are fantastic but that bus is the best! Excellent collection Greg, great job!

HAHA !!! I like those buses too :) Thank you

Always my pleasure 😉

All the photos are capable of get attention of people and my attention to the flower with dew/water drops.

I love the drops on the flowers too. Thank you

very cool.

Thank you :)

Loved this post and all the beautiful images @gregbit It was the perfect way to end an enjoyable day.

Thank you for a kind walk with me my friend. I am so glad :) Have a great weekend

My pleasure @gregbit Have a great weekend too.

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thanks for taking us along on your walk, sure is so much color there


Thank you my friend. The pleasure is mine :) Greetings

@gregbit Have a great evening

Thank you :) You too !!!

Hi there, nice to meet another steem Ian who lives in Panama 😜 where exactly do you live ? I live in Bocas

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Not so long any more in Panama :) We are moving with @margaretwise :) We've been in Bocas 5 times. Great place with beautiful beaches :)

Nice to meet you :)


oh you're leaving? Yes, I really like Bocas. It's my new home now =)

Yes, we are moving again :)

I bet you feel fantastic there. Really amazing place :)


This is full of joy and happiness looks an stunning post :D

HAHA , great :)

Beautifull colourfully glower

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Thank you :)

Oh, such a lovely walk!! I love the photo with the shell. Certainly not something I see on my walks!

I am glad that you enjoyed with me :) Have a great weekend my friend

Very nice atmosphere of this place! Very colourful nature and bus and restaurant too.
Lovely photos!

Yes, that day was pretty great :) Thank you