Wednesday Walk in the Neighborhood of Life

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I looked up into the sky, but, my view was clouded by the blossoms. They are so delicate when they bloom en masse. Isn't nature amazing?

Today is #WednesdayWalk with @Tattoodjay. It was a challenge started by him to get people up and moving, all the while, looking for something to photograph. You can find his current post here!


I am taking a walk through the neighborhood, just to see what Mother Nature is up to. Overnight, things started really popping and a few weeks back, we started seeing signs of spring. Now, spring has definitely moved in to stay. My little redbud trees have put on a show, right in my yard. Who doesn't love the beauty of those first signs of spring?


I cross the street and as you can see, the neighborhood is littered with redbuds and they are at peak performance right about now. It is nice to live close enough to the city to take advantage of the activities and events and far enough to enjoy the wooded area.

Wednesday Walk 2.JPG

It is so hard to accessorize your dogwoods properly. The beauty is not so much in the bloom as the very interesting ways their branches grow. It makes them look unusual. Or maybe that is just me?


I can almost feel the softness, their vibrant green color showing off the newness of the leaves.


And just like that, my walk is over and I am heading back home again... jiggety-jig. I want to thank @Tattoodjay for giving the incentive to get out there and make your day count. I discover things about my own neighborhood some days, as I wander about, looking for a different way to walk. So, thank you for stopping in and enjoying a little fresh air with me!


A flower. Always a flower. This flower is dedicated to #WednesdayYellow #ColorChallenge by @Kalemandra. Color my world. Yes, please.




Thank you for visiting my post 💖 Because of you, I come back to post again and again, I am encouraged by you, for the time you take to visit, comment or even upvote. For all of these reasons, I am eternally grateful. Don't ever forget what a wonderful world we live in, people. Let's hold hands around the globe and make this earth really spin. Some days, it is not as easy to see, how wonderful it really is. Kindness counts. Wherever you go, whatever you do.

I always post this poem down at the bottom of my posts. It is one that has become so near and dear to my heart. I only post the most famous part of it, but, wanted to post it in its entirety today.

they set my aunts house on fire
i cried the way women on tv do
folding at the middle
like a five pound note.
i called the boy who use to love me
tried to ‘okay’ my voice
i said hello
he said warsan, what’s wrong, what’s happened?

i’ve been praying,
and these are what my prayers look like;
dear god
i come from two countries
one is thirsty
the other is on fire
both need water.

later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered,
"where does it hurt?"
it answered,


warsan shire

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Well you sure have the blooms there. Everything a blur of pink yellow red and green. Even the fresh greens are bursting with life. Quite the kaleidoscope of Spring!

Well you have me there! Right now, we are in bloom City! I absolutely adore it, but I can tell you there are some people here that are suffering from High counts of pollen, me not being one of them.

The blur is absolutely spectacular and I love the phrase Kaleidoscope of spring. How much truer could that be? Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the always nice words. It is always a pleasure to see you!


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Appreciate the resteem! Thank you so much @pixresteemer!

I say your walk revealed Mother Nature in full bloom 😘 almost at that point here in Victoria Canada 🇨🇦

Great shots, keep on steppin’ 💪

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Ah, but at least in Victoria, you get a nice warm winter and hardly can call it winter! :)

I have a friend who lives there and I dislike him all winter! LOL

Thank you for your kind thoughts.


I would love to have a real winter 😅 you are right though we are very temperate here in Victoria!

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Cool 😎 thanks 🙏

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Spring nature at its finest. Breathtaking close-ups! I cannot even pick my favorite, they are all great! :)

Thank you so much! The only redeeming feature on winter is that it brings spring in its wake. A truly refreshing experience.

But, paradise every day... Hmmmm. sounds awesome. :)


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Flower always have a good presence to enhance your mode pretty good.

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Thank you so much and yes! Flowers have a wonderful presence and enhance anybody's day!

Redbuds and Dogwoods everywhere!! And let's not forget those tulips! We have one Dogwood tree close by, but it hasn't started to bud out yet... I actually took a picture of a redwood tree in our front yard, but it was so overcast here today too, that I just couldn't get a decent shot... yours, on the other hand, is GORGEOUS!

#wednesdayyellow color challenge... my goodness, I really need to start trying to remember ALL of these awesome challenges! Thank you as well @Kalemandra for another challenge to remember... I will certainly try to anyway!

Also... not just you; the branches on the dogwood do seem to grow in an unusual manner... maybe they are jealous of the buds and trying to compete? Ha!! But as you said...nature is indeed wonderful, and amazing. Appreciate you taking us along on your #wednesdaywalk my friend. @tattoodjay certainly picked a cool challenge, didn't he?

Wow, pretty and colorful flower photography. I like your every flower blossom shots.

Oh gosh, what a real testament of spring arriving at your neck of the woods! All those colours ! So beautiful and so vivacious * ___ * Amazing photos, @dswigle <3 I love this post :)

As much as I love the blossom shots and I do love those, the greens of the dogwood caught me and it was hard to move on I love that shot Loved this post, and thanks for sharing that full Poem, I have used the bit you normally share often of Warsan Shire, infact I think it is still my cover photo for my Facebook page, but I dont think I have ever read the whole things

The blossoms are starting to come out big time in NYC in just the last couple of days the change has been so noticeably I love the colors at this time of year

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

Beautiful gallery! That is amazing neighbourhood to live in. thanks for sharing. ;)

How colouful your walk is! It is lovely to see the flowers and trees in their full bloom.

I did not know what those trees were called, Redbud. I thought at first they might be lilacs. Do they smell or produce fruit. I know. Questions questions. I will have to look at and see if there are any in my neighborhood. Your post, as always, was a feast for the eyes and the soul:):):)

Yesssss tulipppssssss

The flowers are so beautiful! My favourite one was the purple one from the second picture. It reminds me of some planted in the Social Sciences and Humanities campus here in Merida, Mexico.

What flower is?

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So nice shots. This is the most beautiful season in the year and your shots carry that feeling.

variety type of flowers.... just wow...!! thanks to share.

You live in a perfect place with a right balance between facilities of a town and beauty of ature 🤗😍
And all the photos are absolutely stunning!
You know, I think I will escape earlier from the office today and went for a walk somewhere in park of botanical garden. I just can't miss this beauty! 🚗🚕🚲🛴🛵

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The redbud tree is gorgeous as well as all the dogwood and flowers. Thanks for sharing your delightful walk, Denise. 😊

The most beautiful walk possible when you see your nature and beautiful flowers, @dswigle! Forgive me that I have to tell you @dswigle ...

Que hermosas fotos,espero este bien y esos miercoles de caminata son muy gratificantes,saludos amiga desde venezuela,espero contar con su apoyo y ayuda que estoy necesitando,aqui estamos en situacion critica ya ni comida podemos comprar y que quedara de lo demas

The most beautiful Wednesday ever to relive again and again wow

This is lovely! I hate pink cause is evil but the flowers are lovely!

Beauty is all around you guys.

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What a delightful array of flowers you found! Love these, especially those ruffly, pink ones in that first photo! What are those, anyway...? Simply breathtaking! 💖

Those rosebud trees are sweet as! The beauty is often right in front of us when we take the time to look. Thanks for the photo walk about!

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