Massive 10 Gigabyte Leak by Anonymous Bulgaria - "Silkway Helps Terrorists" (UPDATE - ARCHIVE IS UP!)

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This is an update and clarification on the Silkway Airlines Weapons Smuggling Operation.

In my last post, I reviewed the leaks made by Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter.

At the time of posting, the extent of the data leak was not entirely known. I described the most recent, July 15th, tweet that included a 313mb rar file link.

However, the previous tweets made by Anon_bg in late June link to ab archive containing:

10 Gigabytes

8900 files

jpegs, docs, emails, zip-files

! Warning Downloading Files from Unknown Sources Can Be Potentially Dangerous and I do not Advise anyone to do so !

You can find the links to the document dump by visiting Anon_bg on twitter. The download is password protected but the password was also made available in an subsequent tweet

Password: #SilkWayHelpTerrorists

Anonymous Bulgaria Tweets

- June 27th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter    hacked Azer Embussy in Bulgaria. Full backup files   diplomatic emails.  Military Cargo on  SilkWay  for terrorists https jtLuD1bKns .png

- June 28th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter   password for archive   SilkWayHelpTerrorists .png

-June 30th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter    2 link Azer Embussy in Bulgaria. Full backup files   diplomatic emails.  Military Cargo on  SilkWay  for terrorists https fk4Tb6kOvL .png

Safe Option - Wait and See

The archive has been downloaded by who are affiliated with online investigator George Webb and his partner at Crowd Source the Truth Jason Goodman.

The website is affiliated with Crowd Source the Truth but is run by a researcher in Panama known as Panama Mike who is providing assistance to the crowd source investigation by creating a website dedicated to the work of GW and Crowd Source.

Independent researchers, who are skilled and comfortable downloading large anonymous files, have been asked to volunteer to help sift through the material, and upload their findings to or by posting screenshots to social media.

Crowd Source the Truth also provided a google drive link in their live stream:

2nd Warning - Do Not Download if you don't know WTF you're doing.

(Again - Not Recommended)

For those who are wary of potential malware or unable to assist in the process can simply wait until the contents of the archive become available on the website which should occur over the next several days.

Original Article:

Edit - Adding the Crowd Source the Truth live stream (start @ - 57:00)


Image -


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Thanks for sharing this. Downloading from strange places is very scary indeed, especially when it is information like this. Your posts are always very interesting, thank you! :)

VERY interesting indeed and also quite valuable.

So I can click this link to get the information your bringing to light in this post?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The link to brings you to their index of the 10gb leak. Sill, be cautious if you decide to download any files, there's always some level of risk involved. You can also periodically check for updates and analysis on the leaked documents.

In recent days they have obtained an additional 65gb! Seems like it's going to take some time for people to sort through.

So do you download and sort through lots of it to form your new posts?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I have downloaded a few dozen emails but honestly I don't have the time atm because of real life responsibilities. Next month however, I should have more free time and intend on combing through some of the emails/pdfs for clues.

What kind of real life stuff takes ur time?
It seems like you could easily live off of Steemit income with the consistency of your rewards....Unless that is you live a super high baller life and this is just little chump change for ya ;-)>
I haven't gone through all your posts.....I have been wanting to but also am SOO busy. Are you an anonymous account or do you have personal info on Steemit?
You don't have to answer if you don't want. Just wondering as I have genuine interest in you.
Best Regards~*~

We should tell Mike Cernovich, Info Wars, Drudge, and Wiki Leaks about these leaks.

Yes, get this out there to as many people as possible.

Cernovich is a meme master, he will get this trending with appropriate hashtag.

"Cernovich is a meme master, he will get this trending with appropriate hashtag."

This is a sentence that would be completely indecipherable if someone from the 1950's were to read this. We're basically speaking an entirely new English language...

@rieki hahahahahaha GOOD POINT!

Yes, 100% true, and it made me chuckle.🤗

I would tell Cerno and my contact at WL if Twitter didn't suspend me. :P


Copy and paste this to Mike on Facebook.

I would tell Cerno and my contact at WL if Twitter didn't suspend me. :P Ill try to get in contact with Britt Pettibone and relay a message to Cerno I kind of need Cerno's help calling out Twitter's suspension.

Also, contact Mike or his people through Facebook and YouTube. Copy and paste the messages to people everywhere. Send messages to Mark Dice and Milo and Tomi too.

The photo is great :)

Reasons like this are why I use 2fa to log into my accounts. At least those compatible with that security standard.


I fucking love you guys!

el gobierno esta detras de todo esto... i follow you

Okay I'm a Bulgarian and didn't even know there was a Bulgarian Anonymous organisation. I feel like America will always find a way to supply their terrorists with whatever they need even if you bring down one piece of the puzzle.. everything is so wrong in the world, we need more organizations exposing

By definition, anyone can use the title 'anonymous', they may be Bulgarian we have no real way of knowing who or where the archive comes from. I'm very interested to see what emerges over the next several days.

True that and I'll follow what is happening seems might be a massive scandal incoming.

What do you mean by "their terrorist?

Oh we all know how "terrorism" works.. it gets funded by someone to so the organisation does whatever for their investors interests (occupying petrol stations, causing disturbance into others stability etc.) but It does get out of hand at some point and you have a screwed up eastern world that is causing trouble for Europe as an aftereffect. It is too long and I don't even want to get into debates about these things since we will just spam this post. But I do believe the real terrorists are quite "legal" organisations with quite a lot of power and resources (who might these be..).

You watch too much TV.

Haven't watched tv in more than 10 years.. don't own a TV in fact.

I was about to say, you make arguments that are inconsistent with the propaganda mainstream media spews.

Damn! Thank you for this info. I had no clue this had happened @v4vapid

The online world can be a very scary place.

Crazy, what is silkway? Is it like silkroad or is it an airline?,your post never

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yes, Silkway Airlines is an Azerbaijani airline using diplomatic immunity to illegally ship weapons from eastern Europe throughout the Mid-East. I have written 4 previous articles on this so if your interested check them out.

Here's the link to my previous article which has a point by point summary.

I meant to put the link in the post, thanks.

Wow, I will CERTINLY check these out. I intend to keep more up to date with your articles.
Thank you for being on the razors edge~*~

As so easy it is to any computer expert to hack another computer.

I wonder who is skillful enough to trust and download documents from anonymous !.

I mean even in " vmware or virtualbox " which we call in computer field ( testing in sandbox ) or isolated computer inside a computer, I would never download this type of things .

Any ways . Thanks for the information and post.

that's great my dear really


Beautiful post ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

Upvoted !

Interesting stuff. Who's building the next one?

Great article and updates there mate. Looking forward for your future posts since they are quite informative. Nice job!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I was inclined to say, "great information, good job", but due to my lack of knowledge of the subject i still read your posts. I was like "damn i need to be informed about these stuff." This is reality.

The best thing i can do right now as i'm learning and researching about this is to resteem/repost so more people will be aware to what is happening right now in our world. No sugar coating, as raw as it can get.

Success in ur work @v4vapid.

I'm not going to risk downloading the contents.
I might setup and virtual machine and open it from there.
Let's see what things Silkway has hidden from us.
Are you planning to open the files @v4vapid

Great post! Thanks for sharing

I'll let the experts download and interpret for me, and then judge based on that what I think

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good job

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thanks for sharing...

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Glad I found this... reading it all as I write this :)

They are heroes of the 21st century even if the methodology of getting justice might be unlawful

The plot thickens!! I'm checking out the video on Joseph Rago now. Thanks!

@v4vapid, I'm so glad I came across you. I mentioned you in my last post. Please check out my blog when you have the time. Cheers! - @sandzat

Thanks for sharing