Anonymous Bulgaria - "Silkway Airlines Helps Terrorists" - New 313Mb RAR File Leak

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Anonymous Bulgaria


The Data Dump details an enormous illegal weapons smuggling operation from Eastern European countries to destinations throughout the middle east. A number of actors are involved in the weapons smuggling operation including:

  • Azerbaijani Silkway Airlines
  • The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan
  • US military contractors: Purple Shovel, Orbital ATK, Chemring Groups, and more
  • Suppliers: Bulgarian, Serbian, and Belarusian arms manufacturers and stockpiles
  • Destination countries: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and many more
  • Shipments of: White Phosphorus, Depleted Uranium, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Konkurs Missiles, ‘Non-standard’ weapons and ammunition.
  • Shipments are concealed by using Diplomatic Immunity
  • Arming Terrorism

Making a Killing   YouTube.png

Making a Killing   YouTube(2).png


Anonymous Bulgaria has made a series of tweets in regards to the smuggling network.

Anonymous Bulgaria   anon_bg    Twitter.png

- June 27th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter    hacked Azer Embussy in Bulgaria. Full backup files   diplomatic emails.  Military Cargo on  SilkWay  for terrorists https jtLuD1bKns .png

- June 28th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter   password for archive   SilkWayHelpTerrorists .png

-June 30th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter    2 link Azer Embussy in Bulgaria. Full backup files   diplomatic emails.  Military Cargo on  SilkWay  for terrorists https fk4Tb6kOvL .png

- July 2nd -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter   https DMpxNFXtdt .png

- July 15th -

Anonymous Bulgaria on Twitter   Full emails  2015 2016 2017 years  http full_silkway.rar .png

Data Dump

Anonymous Bulgaria released the first documents, suggesting the Azerbaijani Embassy in Bulgaria had been hacked, on June 27th, 2017. The very next day the password "Silkway Help Terrorists" is released. The following day, June 30th, a second link is added complete with full backups files and diplomatic emails.

On July 15th, another URL is posted where a RAR. file is available for download. The 313Mb RAR file contains documents dated 2015, 2016, 2017 and is believed to contain upwards of 1400 documents related to clandestine operation.


This story is still in the early stages and much of the information has not been sifted through as of yet.

Those interested in downloading the files can do so here BUT

- WARNING - I'm not advocating that you do, just FYI

Another option(and probably much safer) is go to:

The second option, Truthleaks, shares the name of George Webb's Twitter handle but is independent of Webb and Crowd Source the Truth. The website seems to have been developed by members of their audience and they have begun sifting through the documents looking for additional evidence, leads and clues. The have also converted files to make the information more accessible.

Making a Killing


This leak is a huge deal, and in my opinion it's unprecedented in scope, but until now it hasn't received much attention. If these documents are truly authentic, which they appear to be, then there's strong documentation of US contractors and US allies in collusion with arms manufacturers in Eastern Europe, to flood Syria with an obscene amount of weaponry in order to fund Syrian rebels and escalate the conflict. Furthermore, Syria is only one of the destination countries for these armaments that are being spread throughout conflict zones from the Congo to Yemen to Afghanistan.

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Images - Twitter, YouTube



To anyone wanting to parse through the dump, remember to be safe about it.
Use Tor or a VPN while downloading it, open it in a sandbox/virtual machine, and don't be connected to a network while opening it. Until it has been verified, you cannot trust that there is nothing malicious in the file, and you also want to avoid any sort of water-markings that "call home."

Thanks, this is good advice.

It is also the reason i included the option.


I've been doing a little reading on Azerbaijan myself... Soros has been funneling money into there through his "human rights initiatives." Funny paradigm... Money in- arms out- same family in power since 1993- no human rights changes... Hmmm Oh well, I'm just old and crazy, what do I know???

And Azerbaijani/Caspian oil is the source of major pipelines and proposed pipelines in the region.

And would you look at that... a bunch of pipelines! Surely you don't think... Nah!

There's also talk of John McCain and Lindsey Graham owning a weapons factory in Bulgaria called Arsenal....hhmm

Hmmm is right... Thanks, something new to check out!

Fake philanthropy needs to be turned into a hashtag and linked to Soros.

This needs to go viral.

I saw a headline from Alex Jones which I thought was smart.

Soros Caught Funding Terrorist Refugee Boats To Europe

We need to use similar language and turn it into a meme to make it go viral.

There's big money in fake philanthropy... ask Bono!

Bob Geldof is another name which comes to mind @richq11.

Fake philanthropy has become a cottage industry... On the one hand you have Hollywood elites and on the other phony foundations (Clinton, Gates, Rockefeller- the originals) It's a way for economic elites to launder money and for Hollywood phonies to look good for fun and profit... it's a marriage made in Hell!

Once Azerbaijan got a Formula 1 race, we all should have known it was on the globalist map. Baku is the new Abu Dhabi. Paul Salopek did a bunch of great write ups on it when he past through on his walk around the world:

You can usually tell the globalists have a hand in it when the same family has been in control for 25 years!

Nice. Good catch.

Wow I was NOT aware of any of these details but now that I check them out it really just seems like old news.
Seems just so obvious and as if I knew this the whole time. There is just now some proof of it. Its like with PizzaGate I have known for many years that there were global elite child sex trafficking yet it just hid in almost total darkness but to a few.
The global superpowers are so dishonorable, corrupt and willing to sacrifice and do just about anything to win and get more power.

Appalling what the world's coming to. Hard to imagine such malicious work going on in the background in some parts of the world while we live a 'normal' life filled with routine stuff like going to office, dropping off the kid at school, going shopping or to the movies etc.
How can this be brought out in the open? I'm surprised it hasn't been pursued more strongly considering that it looks like over 15000 people watched the video. And your last sentence summed the implied threat of it all. Syria's ONLY ONE OF the destination countries, you say? Real scary! - @sandzat

Mainstream is controlled. The MSN/FOX/et al will not touch this. This information will be buried in the mainstream and at the very least be briefly mentioned if at all

Why haven't Anonymous hacked Hillary? would be interesting to find out if pizzagate was real or not.

Those guys in the "anonymous" groups are better at espionage then all the world's intelligence agencies combined.

That's because the world's intelligence agencies only spy on the public. Why would they spy on themselves? Not trying to berate you. These shadow organizations are not our friends.

anonymous scares me even they are good people

I know what you mean. Oddly, watching "Mr. Robot" made me realize again that any well meaning movement is at risk of infiltration by government. Such as the case historically, with the Black Panthers and even the green movement.

Thanks! Upvoted and Resteemed.

I hope world leaders will not make a decision which will lead a country to be like Syria ! :( @v4vapid

I upvoted you, please lock up my post too and dont forget to upvote me @iqbalmaulana

Corruption is a dangerous thing.. Hectic stuff.

Hi mate just came to thank you for your vote on my market post, but this looks very interesting. Not game enough to open myself, though it just confirms what is already essentially common knowledge: the US and Saudi Arabia fund terrorism.

I personally have no problem with arms going to the Kurds, but if weapons are going through SA or Turkey, they are going straight to Islamist fighters.

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very relevant article, but I didn't think it was really "hidden"...canada too

Does not surprise me at all! WE need to change the paradigm soon

Upvoted and followed. Awesome account.

Great research! Scott Horton had a guest on talking about Saudi purchasing weapons through Europe, but nothing this indepth. I'll have to tweet it over to him.

You got a new follower and Upvoted!

Lol legalty of selling arms to Saudi Arabia is doubtful. US arm trade 110 billion dollars. Nice try anonymous. First look at your own states, the real terrorist. The reason why a reaction as İSİS is started

Wow I can't believe they trick the outside world into thinking they go to places like Saudi Arabia but in reality it goes to Syria to arm terrorists.
Ridiculous and it really hurts to read :(
Another interesting post @v4vapid on weapons smuggling

Awesome job.. sharing this on Twitter (sarahabed84) and The Rabbit Hole on Facebook. Thank you!

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